Hermes Celebrates MANifeste Chicago Style

Let’s dive straight in:

WHO: 350 people, some longtime VIP customers, but also distinguished guests from the design, architecture and business worlds.

WHAT: Hermes hosted the only exclusive event for special guests to celebrate the international launch of the new men’s platform

WHERE: Museum of Contemporary Art Warehouse in Chicago, IL

WHEN: Thursday, September 24, 2015 , 7:30 – midnight

WHY: Le MANifeste d’Hermes is an ambitious new digital project to showcase the company’s often under-appreciated menswear offerings. The website is designed to be interactive and engaging – think puzzles, creative videos and product showcased in unique ways.

I was fortunate to be among one of the few to be invited to this fantastic, history-making event and it far exceeded my expectations!

It was shrouded in mystery. After a discreet valet, we walked down a long dark alley with an illuminated sign at the end reading MANifeste d’Hermes. After climbing up an unusual staircase illuminated with bright red lights and dangling neon-lit hangars, we were rewarded for our efforts with champagne.


Entry way sign-age where we posed Oscar style for photographs.


Hangers illuminating our path up the entryway stairs.

We then entered a wide-open dimly lit warehouse space creatively divided into interactive zones. These ranged from a video wall made from signature Hermes orange boxes to a life-size hopscotch game designed in a tromp l’oeil style. There were also synchronized dancers on treadmills sporting Hermes athletic ware, a conveyor belt of men’s bags going through an x-ray machine, and a live jeopardy-like Hermes gameshow called “From the Horse’s Mouth.” At every turn there was a new spectacle!


The full size video wall creatively presented with the famous orange boxes embedded with digital screens.


Men’s bags move along a conveyor belt into an x-ray machine supervised by my baby Birkin25 in Hermes bubble gum pink.


“From the Horses Mouth” with the host and my baby Birkin25.


Game show in progress with contestants from the audience.

The event celebrated the launch of Hermes’s new men’s website All of the live interactive elements mirrored elements encountered online. Each segment of the site includes a “featured products” section and links to the main Hermes e-commerce platform.



The displays were lively and presented photo-ops at every corner.


Tasty bites were presented like art and my favorite had to be the butler served goat cheese framboise tarts.


How many pieces does it take to build a bespoke Hermes custom made-to measure suit? About these many! Made to measure is a part of the collection being offered all week at the Chicago store. The “main man” to head up the made to measure project was mingling with all through the night.

The night closed with a set by DJ Mike Nouveau where Hermes USA CEO Robert Chavez was seen on the floor. There was no shortage of stylish women or Birkins.

I had to sneak in a few pictures of the fabulous Birkins and Kellys being showcased in their full glory.


Behind the warehouse scenes, the gift bags waiting for distribution. A shot I’m convinced only PurseBop got!

PurseBop's Exclusive Video Coverage

When I asked the managing director for Chicago’s store  why the event was held exclusively in Chicago, she replied, ” For a simple reason: it’s one of Veronique Nichanian’s (head designer for the menswear line) favorite cities in the world.”

For the next week, the second floor of the Hermes boutique downtown will be dedicated to their menswear offerings. If you’re in the area, check it out, Mr. Pursebop and I surely will! I’ve convinced the ‘Mr’ he needs a made to measure jacket lined with two 90 cm Hermes scarves of his choosing. How cool is that!

Stay tuned for more on the new website and this season’s menswear line.

I’m also sharing my video coverage from the event on youtube and @pursebop IG.

For more information on what Le MANifeste is, visit the conversation here on BopTalk.

Special thanks to the fabulous Chicago based Hermes family that made our evening so special. Bravo!

Love PurseBop

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