What exactly is Hermes MANifeste?


PurseBop gave you an exclusive look at the special launch event for the men’s Hermes MANifeste platform. You can read her feature HERE and watch her video coverage HERE.

If you’re still curious about what the actual website is all about discover its many offerings below:

Luxury accessories and clothing have historically been marketed more towards women. Fashion campaigns employ fanciful, feminine images in hopes of motivating women to buy certain products. However, as PurseBop explored in the Men with Bags feature, men comprise of a big sector of the luxury market. In 2014 alone, men’s luxury handbag sales rose 47% in the US and 7.1% worldwide. Despite the increasing desire, concentrated advertising towards the male demographic has been a relatively untapped market until now.

The French fashion Hermes has taken a huge initiative to inform and engage male consumers. Hermes launched “Le MANifeste d’Hermès” a website dedicated to showcasing men’s ready-to-wear items, shoes, leather goods and silk collections.

Le MANifeste is more than a traditional web browsing or shopping platform with simple pictures and item descriptions. The Le MANifeste website is full of interactive lists, videos, and games meant to foster an enjoyable, almost playful experience. Lists include “3 Styles to be Lord of the Castle”, “4 Tricks in His Bag”, “65 Words to Awaken His Poetic Soul”, among many other creative titles. Users are encouraged to click the graphics and go through the steps before seeing the actual men’s products. Artistic director of Hermes, Véronique Nichanian, describes that the platform was designed with the intent to “arouse curiosity in the form of amusing lists that reveal creativity, humor, and ultimately echo the lightness of the collections”. Véronique further explains, “With Hermès, fantasy has always present, and in my collections, I always loved ‘twisting’ things by adding a detail or a touch color that gives lightness”.

With the new LeMANifeste platform, luxury is more than just the picture and instead a unique, enjoyable experience. Le MANifeste offers men a universe where they can step away from the chaos of everyday life and discover things catered to them in a fun, lighthearted manner. The website can be accessed through desktop, mobile smartphone, or tablet. New lists are added to the site every month.