There’s an Hermès Rainbow of Mini Kellys Waiting For You

Did our Hermès Mini Kelly article leave you pining for one (or several) of your own? Or perhaps your dreams already were populated by dancing K20s only to be hit by reality. In the paraphrased immortal words of Seinfeld’s soup nazi: no Mini Kelly for you. At least not from the Hermès boutique.

Don’t despair (yet). As these cuties become more popular some are available at one of our favorite sites: FASHIONPHILE

Have a look at these delectably delicious options available right now. Whether you crave neutrals or pop brights we know there’s one that’s just right! 

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to snag one from the boutique but aren’t convinced this cutie is for you. You’ll definitely want to get in touch with the buyers at Faphionphile to sell yours and get cash for your bags. Our friends  at FP have taken it up a notch with a new virtual appointment service.This service allows you to schedule a live video-conference appointment with one of FP’s trained buyers.

Now for those that steer away from brights in big colors, this itsy bitsy size might be that perfect punch of color you’ve been looking for.

Find a favorite yet? For some added inspiration, check out our community of fashionistas showing you exactly how it’s done.
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Looking for a size more practical for your busy lifestyle? We couldn’t resist sharing some brand new Kelly 25 offerings with you as a bonus… we’re all drooling over these colors.

Maybe you’re looking for a retourne style Kelly or a different size all together. Check out these additional offerings here. 

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Published: April 6th, 2022
Updated: May 9th, 2022