Which Chanel Flap Are You?

Do Chanel Flaps have personalities of their own?

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Mirror mirror on the wall, which Chanel classic is fairest of them all? Naturally, that choice may vary from day to day, season to season and even person to person. But how do you pick? Of course, color, material, and brand are all important considerations. But perhaps size is most important of all…

The size of the purse we gravitate toward often reflects the image we are trying to project. Even if it’s just momentary. Aiming for hot and trendy? Perhaps grab that micro-mini. Looking for something practical and efficient? Bring in the tote bag!

The number of Chanel flap sizes, however, puts the choice dilemma into overdrive. The House’s Flaps are famously adaptable. Able to complete or elevate nearly every possible ensemble, the appeal is perpetual- as are the possibilities (and, apparently, so are the price increases *wink*).

With this versatility, however, comes the added pressure of choosing a size that’s “just right”. Choosing from 7 different sizes for the Classic Flap, and 4 more for the Reissue, is no easy feat. Add to the equation seasonal sizes (like the Airline Flap) and picking the perfect one can be downright frustrating.

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So, in utter desperation, you turn to generic internet advice. What do you see? On one hand, there are those who swear by their oversized handbags. Others, however, love a mini purse for all their day-to-day needs.

It can be confusing, can’t it? Which size is best? Are you a large flap queen or a mini bag marvel? Helpful advice? If a Chanel Flap had a personality would it be easier for you to identify with it? And if so, which would you be? Let’s take a look!

1. The Chanel Extra Mini Flap

Tiny but mighty, the Chanel Extra Mini is for the trendiest of the trendsetters. However, does being on-trend necessarily mean that you have to compromise on functionality? Not at all!

In fact, measuring 6.7” x 3.9” x 3”, it’s still spacious enough to fit an IPhone 11, a cardholder and even a lipstick. Available on the resale market in a plethora of materials, from caviar, lambskin, patent and more, to seasonal variations like the Flower Power Collection from 2015. The Chanel Extra Mini exudes confidence and grabs attention like nobody else! However, this model was discontinued by Chanel in 2019, making it even more desirable to some. If you want it, check out the secondary market.

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2. The Chanel Mini Rectangle Flap

Just a step up from the Extra Mini, and by step up, we mean measuring 8” x 5” x 2”, the Mini Rectangle is packs a serious punch. Despite the price increases, demand for it seems nowhere near slowing. Despite its petite status, the single flap interior is quite spacious and accommodating.

Dressy and classic, the Mini Rectangle is the image of grace, reminiscent of those whose style remains timeless and never seems to age. And no doubt, having it slung casually across your shoulder is sure to make everybody envious!

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3. The Chanel Mini Square Flap

A departure from Chanel’s usual shape, the Mini Square measures 6.5” x 5” x 2.5”. But the range of materials, colors and hardwares it’s available in makes it just as, if not even more, versatile.

Prim and structured, the Mini Square is the Upper East-Sider of the Flap family. Out for a leisurely stroll or running errands? With the barest of essentials tucked under its single flap, the Chanel Mini Square adds a touch of glam in more ways than one.

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4. The Chanel Small Classic Flap

Although larger in size, measuring 9.3” x 5.7” x 2.6”, the Small is nearly the same capacity-wise as the Mini Rectangle, owing to its double-flap construction.The Small (like other Classic flap models) features 4 grommets (allowing double-strap shoulder-carry that the Minis don’t).

As a result, think of it more of a younger sister of the Classic line than an older sibling of the Minis. The boldness of a mini purse combined with timelessness and sophistication. In other words, a true femme fatale! It’s also perfect for those who’d like to get the “original” Chanel feel but don’t have to haul around more than a few essentials. One warning though. When you jump to the ‘regular’ Classics, you also jump up in price!

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5. The Chanel Medium Classic Flap

Trends come and go. Oversized might be “in” one season, Minis the next. But the Medium is truly timeless. In fact, this is the bag that Chanel really dubs “the Classic.” It’s the choice size first-time Chanel buyers simply can’t go wrong with! It measures 10” x 6.3” x 3,” perfect for those on the go, who understand the need to have more than their barest of essentials at hand, but refuse to carry an overwhelmingly large purse.

Day-to-day and day-to-night, be it in the heart of the city, at an exotic beachfront summer home or a snowy ski resort – the Medium fits in everywhere! And if you’d like to channel Coco Chanel’s original style, the Chanel Medium Classic Flap is calling your name!


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6. The Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap

Bigger bags are making a comeback, no doubt, but “big” doesn’t always have to be overwhelming and the Jumbo, measuring 11.8” x 7.9” x 3.9”, strikes a fine balance.

Spacious, yet refined, the Jumbo is probably the chicest option for busy bees on the go. A perfect work bag, weekend bag and even an outing bag, the Jumbo is still going strong and a forever favorite to Chanel lovers everywhere.

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7. The Chanel Maxi Classic Flap

The eldest (or, should we say, largest) of the Chanel family, the Maxi, is your trustee carryall. The Maxi, measuring 13.4” x 9.1” x 3.9”, will fit everything you need- and then some. You’ll even find purse-lovers carry mini Macbooks/iPads in this one, which goes to show how reliable it is. Just the right amount of corporate-chic and everyday-casual, the Maxi is your dependable friend, your armor against everyday life, whom you can rely on for carrying all your belongings, come rain or shine- and in chic Chanel style.

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So, which Chanel Flap are you?

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Published: May 5th, 2022
Updated: May 6th, 2022

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