Would You Paint Your Birkin?

In Parts I and II of our Birkin facts series you caught 16 nuggets of fabulous Hermès Birkin trivia. From nail clippers (originally attached to the bag) to novels (Primates of Park Avenue) to numbers (200,000 in circulation and over $350,000 for most expensive resold B), you probably think you’ve heard everything. Well, the next tidbit pretty much takes the cake (or Birkin) for being over the top. We’re talking customizing your bag with . . . 

Paint.  We can feel some of you cringing, just thinking of the stunning leathers Hermès features in its most popular purse. It was horrifying enough to see Jane Birkin’s Birkin with applied stickers but, after all, she is the namesake.  The teenage daughter of director Clint Eastwood chopping up and burning a B brought fire and fury. Where does using your Birkin as a canvas fall?

Perhaps not surprisingly, Kardashians have done this.  Kim’s HAC Birkin was painted by modern artist George Condo with nudes as a Christmas gift from her husband Kanye West.

Photo courtesy: @kimkardashian

Khloe has a kiwi green Birkin custom painted by known grafitti artist Alec Monopoly  . . . with the Monopoly man and dollar bills. She playfully dubbed it her “money bag.” Surely it cost money bags.

Photo courtesy: @alecmonopoly

And Monopoly has created a mini-monopoly in this industry.

Photo courtesy: @alecmonopoly

He’s even decorated crocodile.

Photo courtesy: @alecmonopoly

But Lady Gaga preceded the Ks.  When she landed in Tokyo in 2010 for her concert tour, she was spotted carrying a white Birkin with Japanese writing translated to “I love small monster. Tokyo love.”

Lady Gaga

And there are more with decorated Bs who have posted pix on Instagram.  Tamara Eccelstone has one by Monopoly. And both Real Housewife of Atlanta Nene Leakes and singer Rita Ora have been spotted with paint-covered Bs.

Photo courtesy: media.glamour.com

Rita Ora leaving The Grove Music Studios
Featuring: Rita Ora
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 13 Aug 2014
Credit: WENN.com

We love what @howshespendsit did with hers.


Is a painted Birkin the most shocking Birkin fact?  Would you dare?  Should I?

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Published: March 9th, 2018
Updated: March 9th, 2018

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