24 Hour Early Access to FASHIONPHILE’s 25th Anniversary Sale

Step into a time machine and journey through 25 years of fashion. Witness the rise and resurgence of trends, the reinvention of classics, and the fresh contemporary styles. At the heart of this ever-evolving fashion landscape are handbags.

From the enduring classics like the Hermès Kelly and Chanel’s Classic Flap to the sleek and stylish Fendi baguette of the 90s, handbags have forever been at the forefront of fashion’s metamorphosis. Each design tells a story of innovation and creativity, reflecting the spirit of its era.

Image courtesy: FASHIONPHILE

As FASHIONPHILE marks its 25th anniversary, it stands not only as a witness but also a curator of this fashion journey. With a commitment to circular fashion and sustainability, the brand has achieved the prestigious B Corporation certification in the past year. Seamlessly integrating luxury dreams with ethical practicals, FASHIONPHILE embodies the essence of modern luxury. Offering everything from timeless classics to contemporary trends, FASHIONPHILE makes luxury accessible to all. 

Image courtesy: FASHIONPHILE

To celebrate this milestone, FASHIONPHILE invites you to indulge with its Anniversary Sale event, featuring discounts on the biggest designer brands. So mark your calendars, this sale is huge. The FASHIONPHILE Anniversary Sale event is launching on Wednesday, May 15, and ends on Friday, May 17, and ends at 11:59 PM ET. During this limited-time sale, you can save 10% off everything*, including Hermès and Chanel. 

Image courtesy: FASHIONPHILE

But wait, there’s more. PurseBop readers gain exclusive access to this sale 24 hours early using CODE: 25YEARS, with early access starting on Wednesday, May 15. Don’t miss your chance to be one step ahead on these deals!

So what better time to purchase a piece of fashion history than now? Celebrate 25 years of fashion, with our favorite handbags, including Birkins, Kellys, flap bags, totes, and monogram bags – each carefully curated from FASHIONPHILE.


We all know how the iconic story unfolds – Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas and Jane Birkin met on a flight from Paris to London in 1984. During their conversation, Birkin conveyed her desire for a handbag that was both functional and stylish, sparking the creation of the Birkin. And the rest is history. The Hermès Birkin remains one of the most coveted handbags in the world – however, obtaining one is a challenge in itself. 

Thankfully, FASHIONPHILE has done the hard work for you, offering a vast array of Hermès Birkins, from coveted size 25’s to the practical, and perhaps most iconic 35. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite colorway – from classic neutrals such as Gold and Étoupe to summer-ready bright and pastel shades.


Unlock the timeless allure of the Hermès Kelly family – a lineage of handcrafted masterpieces. Originating as the Sac à Dépêches in 1935, the Kelly gained iconic status in the 1950s, notably associated with Grace Kelly, ultimately leading to its official renaming in 1977. Today, Hermès continues to blend innovation with tradition, offering an array of Kelly styles. However, much like the Birkin, acquiring a Kelly is no easy feat. The demand for these effortlessly chic bags often exceeds the supply, leaving many aspiring owners playing a waiting game for years. 

Fortunately, FASHIONPHILE offers a curated selection of Kelly’s – from the impossible-to-get Mini Kelly to the size 28. Whether you’re looking for the laid-back Retourne or the lady-like Sellier construction, there’s a Kelly for every closet. So channel your inner Princess Grace and indulge in timeless elegance.


When you think of a ‘flap bag,’ Chanel’s iconic Classic likely comes to mind. Renowned for its timeless design and enduring allure, the Chanel Classic Flap is an integral part of fashion history. These bags offer more than just a stylish statement – they’re rooted in practicality, providing convenience and security with options for shoulder and crossbody wear. 

While Chanel undoubtedly leads the pack, contemporary offerings from brands such as Celine, and Hermès continue to redefine and innovate this timeless silhouette. FASHIONPHILE boasts a vast selection of iconic and fresh flap bag styles to explore. So whether you gravitate towards neutrals or a vibrant pop of color, you’ll find the perfect everyday companion. 


The origin of tote bags dates back to the late 19th century when Cantwell Shoes in Coshocton, Ohio, unknowingly pioneered the concept by printing their logo on burlap sacks. Since then, designers have continuously reinvented this practical yet stylish accessory, merging trendiness with utility. Tote bags are characterized by their spacious ‘carry-all’ silhouette, typically featuring two top handles or shoulder straps, and often adorned with prominent brand logos or monogram designs. 

Today, nearly every fashion house offers renditions of tote bags. From the durable and water-resistant canvas versions by Goyard and Louis Vuitton to the oversized and structured carry-alls like the Dior Book Tote, practicality is the vibe. Looking to scream rich – don’t miss Chanel’s leather options and arguably the most iconic tote of all, the Hermès Birkin. Whether you’re searching for a casual tote for everyday errands or a statement piece with a touch of luxury, FASHIONPHILE has it. After all, if you’re going to tote your life in a bag, why not do it in style?


Signature prints have long been synonymous with the world of luxury fashion. While Louis Vuitton’s logoed monogram print might be the first to come to mind (it is called LV Monogram, after all), Goyard in fact was the first to introduce this enduring trend. Dating back to 1892, Goyard made its mark with its iconic Goyardine canvas, laying the groundwork for this much-loved aesthetic. Typically, these signature prints feature a combination of the brand’s logo or emblem, representing its unique identity. 

Today, the fashion industry is overflowing with signature prints and logo-adorned designs, each telling a unique tale of heritage and innovation. Dior’s ‘Oblique’ pattern, a timeless classic born in 1967, exudes sophistication and elegance, gracing the brand’s most coveted handbags. Reinterpreted in 2019 by Maria Grazia Chiuri, this iconic motif continues to captivate with its contemporary refresh. Meanwhile, Celine’s ‘Triomphe’ logo experiences a bold resurgence under Hedi Slimane’s visionary direction. And who could overlook the iconic GG Supreme from Gucci? With each signature print comes an invitation to embrace personal style and make a statement. And with the help of FASHIONPHILE, your favorite piece of logo mania is just a click away from becoming your very own signature piece in your wardrobe.

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Camera Box

Secure your dream bag today – but hurry, as this sale is ending soon!

*Offer ends on 05/17/24 at 11:59 PM ET, and exclusions apply. 

Published: May 14th, 2024
Updated: May 14th, 2024

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