And Here Comes the Picnic Birkin


For a picnic fit for royalty… get ready for the Hermès Picnic Birkin. Like its Kelly sister, classic barenia leather surrounds the intricately and carefully crafted wicker/raffia.

Over the years, Hermès has introduced several picnic party series bags in limited edition wicker. 2012 saw the Garden Party picnic bag – the closest to an actual Hermès basket. And in 2016, craftspeople perfected a technique for rounded creations in the material, paving the way for the farming picnic bag.
By the way, there is an actual Hermès picnic basket, if you care and can find it.

This Picnic Birkin is expected spring 2021 – just in time for your outdoor events. But… does it fit a bottle of wine and glasses?

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photo courtesy: @tamara