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Why limit yourslf?

Why is it always a question of either/or? Why do we tend to forget that there is always a better word we can use – AND? The reason I write this today is because I see so many people stumped with choices that may seem daunting or they choose to stick to just one side because being in the middle can make them seem ‘unsure’ and ‘unconfident’ to others. I can find numerous examples from everyday life but let’s stick to fashion choices for the moment. Gold hardware on bags or silver hardware? Neutral or bright color clothes? Yellow gold or white gold jewelry? High heels or flats? Small or big sized bags? Bags or bling? Yes, it boils down to personal preferences leading to questions of either/or but for me personally, I have been loving variety lately. Why choose one if I can enjoy a little bit of each? I wasn’t always like this. I was very specific preferring to stick to one side only – big bags only, gold hardware on my bags only, yellow gold jewelry only…but a few months back I had what you can call an epiphany, when I realized why was I depriving myself from adding more variety. Isn’t variety supposed to be the spice of life? Then why do people limit themselves to closed choices? Why do we compartmentalize ourselves? I feel like today I owe allegiance to no specific colors when it comes to choosing clothes. I wear bright colors and neutrals alike (thank you to one of my enabling friends for showing me the world of neutrals).
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Yes, I have preference for certain colors but hey I am not limiting myself to wearing those four colors for the rest of my life!! Yes I still prefer yellow gold jewelry but I own both WG and YG and oh yes, I am going to wear both!! I love bags AND bling so I am depriving myself of neither.

I will buy what I am feeling at the moment. I am going to rock that B35 just as much as I am going to rock that B25…. Err! I don’t own a B25 or a C18 or a K25 for that matter….yet ;)… But big bags or small bags I love them all!

I am not a trendsetter nor am I a trend follower…I walk to my own tune… and I can tell you it is freeing!! I value opinions of my close friends and family but in the end I always do what is the best choice for me. Fashion is supposed to be fun not stressful.

I don’t want to stick to one side only. That’s boring for me…life is short…. do what makes you happy but push your limits at the same time. Try to step out of your comfort zone and see if it doesn’t bring you a little bit of joy that you never thought possible. I used to find bling so boring earlier but once I said yes to it, influenced by some amazing enabling friends, I discovered a whole new world.

I hated the color pink (yup I am that crazy person!) and then I met a friend who loves pink and now I find myself incorporating pink pieces in my closet. Say what? But I am enjoying myself so much saying yes to more options and no to rigid choices. I am going to challenge myself to do things outside of my comfort zone. Balance and moderation is the key whether its fashion choices or life choices. Life is short….try it all. You may never know what you may fall in love with.

I’d love for you to share your thoughts, are you liberated to try and explore or find yourself boxed in by old preferences?

Love @eternalove4bags

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Beautiful bags and matching accessories collection gal! ❤️?? Yeah! Don’t limit oneself and miss out on all the other colors or hardware fun!
For me, it’s also a mixture too. Gold, silver, rose gold! Dainty accessories! Exaggerated accessories ! Bring them on! I used to wear more colorful clothes. So recently into the black and white phrase! ? But always rotating the colors too. ❤️Kisses and hugs from instagram ! Eve~

  • Thank u so much ????…I have to admit I have my days where I wear total neutrals, or bright colors or a mix of both… Trying to get outside my comfort zone and try things for fun in little doses… Fashion should be fun right? Not stressful ????

  • Sasseve

    Fashion should be fun indeed! ! But also stressful sometimes!… ???????? those days you have so much but just freeZe and feel you have nothing to wear. ???????? but you are doing good! ????????You have a good eye for color coordination! ????

  • Haha! Happens all the time and u reach for the same 9-10 clothes u always wear! ????????… Been a victim myself but by playing around with combinations I have finally come to a point where I am like ok I can work with my closet ????????

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I love your article, even though I can’t afford Hermès bags, I am like you, what I wear is for me not to be like everyone else and be a follower, never will be!! I am so happy to be just me!!! I wear and like both W or Y gold, big or smaller bags but bigger is more practical, I love neutrals but last year I found a lot of summer dresses exploding with colors and I am still shocked about it haha so if I move ahead there is always hope ???

  • Awww thank u so much ❤️❤️… I know sometimes my fashion choices can be questionable but then I figure if I am comfy with it and happy that’s what should matter right? You sound the same????.. And oh yes to bright colors, neutrals and a mix of both ????????????????… Rock those summer dresses with exploding colors girl ????????????

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