Did You Catch Rihanna's Tiny Cab Purse?


Apparently, the singer/fashion mogul didn’t get the memo that medium-sized bags are in. https://www.pursebop.com/celebrities-battle-it-out-the-mini-vs-the-midi-bag/

Rihanna was seen out and about in NYC with the smallest of small Delvaux bags. Intriguing choice for several reasons. First, it’s really small and NYers are known to sport big bags containing everything but the kitchen sink. However, Riri likely has handlers to lug for her, so . . . she wins on that. Second, it’s by Delvaux, a small, still little-known-in-the-US, flagship Belgian brand. Rihanna, however, is all under the LVMH (and Louis Vuitton) umbrella – with her Fenty Beauty and Fenty clothing lines. (read https://www.pursebop.com/rihanna-officially-under-lvmh-umbrella/; https://www.pursebop.com/rihanna-and-lvmh-must-be-love-on-the-brain/). She’s also been spotted many times carry a Louis Vuitton, or three or four, handbag.

Lastly, this little Delvaux really reps NYC taxis – it looks just like one! So cute, even if impractical. By the way, small doesn’t mean inexpensive. This wee bag is over $1K.

Read more at https://pagesix.com/2019/09/09/rihannas-1k-purse-is-ridiculously-tiny/

Photo courtesy: pagesix.com and splash
Photo courtesy: vogue.com