Did You See The Little Lindy?


Is there a new mini Lindy on the horizon for F/W 2019?

We knew something was up today when our Lindy 101 article at PurseBop.com started to blow up. With a little further investigation and multiple DM‘s from community members we discovered that today Hermès shared photos of what appears to be a mini sized Lindy with a long cross body strap. Hermès reveals the new F/W collection – photos and videos on their own IG page @hermes.

No news on the price yet or whether it is in fact going to be called a mini Lindy… but we’re sure to keep you posted as the growing popularity of this style continues to skyrocket.

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Judging from the increased popularity of the mini Kelly 20 (despite the sticker shock), we anticipate this little one is going to be a big hit too, LOL.

Let’s hope the price is just not as steep. Is this making it to your Xmas 2019 wishlist?

Current Lindy prices as of Jan 21st, 2019. 
Lindy 26 is $7100
Lindy 30 is $7800
Lindy 34 is $8350

Remember Hermès prices are going up first week of February so these numbers are likely shifting.
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