EUR to USD Exchange Rate


I have been following up with the exchange rate as I have already booked my second flight to Italy for March 2018.
When I had traveled to Italy back in April 2017, the currency exchange rate for 1 EUR was 1.06 USD.
Today, the EUR hits its highest peak since 2015 and it is 1 EUR for 1.19 USD. It looks like financial companies are expecting this rate to continue to rise in 2018 and ultimately hit around 1.25!

Will shopping in Europe countries be worth it anymore? I know we have to consider the VAT but even so, the currency is continuing to rise. Maybe I chose the bad season to go travel. Opinions, thoughts, or comments? :(

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This is a very interesting point to consider. This combined with the globalization (harmonization) of prices changes the ball game completely. When I recently purchased my Chanel miniauderie in Sept here at Neiman Marcus, it actually ended up be cheaper here with my points incentive from Neiman Marcus. Read:

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