Goyard Saint Louis Claire Voie Stands Out


My love for Goyard on my IG is mostly overshadowed by my love for all things Hermes, Chanel and LV, but in actuality my St Louis and Anjou totes remain single handedly my most used bags in my collection. When I travel, I find them super lightweight, extremely comfortable (no slipping off the shoulder business with these-they stay put!) and with the Anjou, so very chic and understated (I wear it with the leather on the outside).

My very first black St Louis tote that I got with my initials painted by Goyard, looks like it’s been taken through a war zone. With the paint chipping and peeling, I quickly found I was not very impressed with the brands painting process. So when I got my second St. Louis, I decided to get Anya Hindmarch stickers and customize my bag that way. Despite the stickers swearing they would stick on, a few have fallen off, which makes me cringe given how expensive they were. With my new St Louis tote in the Claire Voie edition, I’m thrilled because I get my Goyard to finally stand out and be “different” without its paint cracking or me worrying about stickers or the durability of the bag. It’s limited edition, any handbag collectors favourite phrase, and yet is ready to be used without caution.

This version comes in many colours but the red reminded me of the flash of red on the soles of louboutins and it was the one I was immediately drawn to. It promises all the allure and mystique of that little peekaboo of colour that the louboutin does, all without me having to teeter around in painful high heels! It’s a win win as far as I see it!


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