Hermès Begins Building in Brooklyn


If they build it, we will come . . . is especially true when talking about a Hermès boutique. And by recent reports, work has begun on the planned outpost of the heritage brand in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.  Yimby.com spied excavation equipment, fencing, and temporary wooden walls at 111-115 North 6th Street, the planned site for a two-story store. It will be the fourth Hermès boutique in New York City (not including the current pop up or JFK Airport duty-free outpost).

Image courtesy: yimby.com/Michael Young

Image courtesy: yimby.com/Michael Young

For those not familiar with hot New York City neighborhoods, suffice it to say that Williamsburg is one of the hottest. Certainly it boomed during the lockdown and WFH days of the pandemic. But the popularity continues. Whether for living or night(or day) life, residents and nonresidents alike are drawn to the area. And, no doubt, Hermès noticed. Indeed, Hermès’ CEO of North America Robert Chavez has said that they are bringing boutiques to “pockets of wealth” outside the large major cities.

As we have seen, in recent years Hermès expanded its physical footprint into smaller cities and suburbs . . . bringing the Birkin (and its myriad of other artisan products) closer to the consumer. Which is exactly the point. Hermès seeks to provide “localised [sic] convenience” in areas previously thought of as “Hermès deserts” – where you must travel to somewhere else for that orange fix.

Currently there is a Hermès pop-up boutique in Williamsburg with limited merchandise. The “real” store is expected to open around 2026.

Interestingly, when establishing a new boutique, Hermès often takes inspiration from the new destination. Think chalet-style building in Aspen, Tech features in Meatpacking, and Texas Cowboy Culture in Austin.

So . . . what about Williamsburg Brooklyn do you expect will inspire the new store’s decor. Let us know.

Images courtesy: yimby.com by Michael Young


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