Hong Kong TV Host Faces Criticism Online for Hermès Themed Christmas Tree


A Hong Kong television anchor is the subject of some pointed discussion online these days after posting what was supposedly thought of as an innocent Christmas pic. Priscilla Ku Kei-kwan shared these images to her Instagram as the holiday season kicked off this year. As can be deduced, she is an avid Hermès collector and lover of all things from the orange-box brand. However, it’s these very boxes that have left some users online criticizing the ornate display.

The boxes littered around Kei-kwan’s Christmas tree (and those even sprinkled amongst the branches themselves) come in an assortment of sizes. Many eagle-eyed followers have even pinpointed which ones would have held two of Hermès’ most coveted handbags- the Birkin and Kelly. Despite some comments from those who share an affinity for everything H, the TV actress’ post was not so welcomed by others.

Instagram users didn’t shy away from sharing their thoughts on the actress’ pictures. “Hope the boxes will be put for use to avoid wastage then it is more meaningful,” said one user. “Learn to keep a low profile” and “bad taste” were some of the other comments found.

Image Credit: @kooloban

What do you think about Priscilla’s Christmas display this year? Are you all for it or is it a little too much? Be sure to share your thoughts.

You can read more about this story here: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/former-hong-kong-tv-host-211902443.html

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