Five Handbag Questions with NYC Bling Empire’s Dorothy Wang

She’s giving us that main character energy. Too much Hermès spice for the original Netflix’s Bling Empire, Dorothy Wang has moved up and onward to star in her own spin-off, Bling Empire New York City. We’ve admired Dorothy for her fabulous outfits, fierce personality, loyalty, integrity and most of all her love for handbags.

Dorothy Wang Bling Empire NYC wearing a sequin hot pink Valentino dress with a matching Valentino pink mini bag

Image Credit: @dorothywang

Dorothy started her reality TV career as the Queen B of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. (Hey E!, can we get a reboot please?) But when it comes to Hermès, she knows best. After all Dorothy’s prescription to all is: “A Birkin a day keeps the doctor away.”

Dorothy Wang Bling Empire NYC wearing a short yellow jumpsuit. She is carrying a blue ostrich Hermes mini kelly bag on a rooftop in NYC.

Image Credit: @dorothywang

1. What was your first Hermès bag?

I actually had great beginner’s luck and my “first” Hermès handbag were actually two Kellys! When I was 18, the summer after high school, I was in Paris with my family and the boutique offered me two 28 cm Kellys with silver hardware. One signature Hermès orange and one was apple green! I haven’t worn them in so long but I love the memory! My first born babies, twins!

Dorothy Wang Bling Empire NYC wearing a black asymmetrical top with black pants at Bravo Watch what Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She is carrying a black Hermes Kelly Pochette.

Image Credit: @dorothywang

2. What is your favorite bag? And why?

My favorite that I have right now is a navy cargo Birkin 25. I like that it’s a little funkier and different aesthetic from the typical classic Birkins. Also maybe because she lives in LA and not in my current NY closet and I’ve only worn it a few times. It’s true when they say distance always makes the heart grow fonder.

Dorothy Wang Bling Empire New York City hugs Ezra J Williams. She is wearing a tulle red top and floral print pants. Ezra is wearing a red overcoat and a yellow suit. Dorothy is carrying a Hermes Cargo Birkin 25.

Image Credit: @dorothywang

3. What did you wish you knew before starting your handbag journey?

I think when I was younger it was really a “collect them all” type of mentality and just buying as many as were offered to you. I’ve definitely grown to be more selective and specific about what I want now.

NetFlix Bling Empire NYC star Dorothy Wang wears a leopard print slip dress, white pumps and a beige sweater in front of a restaurant in Paris. She is carrying a glass of red wine and her Hermes blue ostrich mini Kelly Bag with gold hardware.

Image Credit: @dorothywang

4. What’s next on your bag wishlist?

The Rock Birkin or a Crocodile Birkin 25 or Mini Kelly.

NetFlix Bling Empire NYC star Dorothy Wang at a Valentino event in front of surfboards and a boat. She is wearing a blue tube top body con dress. She is carrying an Hermes navy blue mini kelly with gold hardware.

Image Credit: @dorothywang

5. Are you stickers on or stickers off?

Omg stickers off! But I will admit sometimes I am horrified to find some leftover stickers on my bags! There are really so many and quite hard to get off, especially with nails. I’m typically always rushing to get out the door, it seems so now I ask my sales associates to remove them for me at purchase!

NetFlix Bling Empire NYC star Dorothy Wang is out shopping in Europe taking a mirror selfie. She is carrying a large orange Hermes shopping bag. She is wearing a white linen two piece outfit with matching white Hermes leather Chypre sandals.

Image Credit: @dorothywang

Bling Empire New York premieres January 20, 2023. Meanwhile, you can find Dorothy on Instagram at @dorothywang or on TikTok @dorothywang

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Published: December 23rd, 2022
Updated: December 23rd, 2022

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