Kylie Jenner Just Raised the (Designer Accessories) Bar Real High


As if ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ wasn’t hard enough, Kylie Jenner just raised the bar with her oh-so-perfect tennis ensemble! The 22 year-old fashionista has been self-isolating in her recently acquired $36.5M mansion in the exclusive Southern California neighborhood of Holmby Hills – right down the road from the Playboy Mansion.

Kylie recently posted three pics of herself in ‘traffic-stopping’ tennis gear. What really stood out for us in the pictures were the wooden Chanel Tennis Racket and Tennis Balls completing her Chanel crop top and sweatpants ensemble. The branded racket retails for $1550 and the tennis balls sell for $475 for a set of three according to reports. Not sure if any tennis was actually on the agenda, given the perfect condition of those manicured nails and highlighted hair she is seen flaunting in the photos!

This isn’t the first time Kylie has been seen in designer wear against the backdrop of her beautiful new home. She posted pictures of herself in a pink and magenta Dior outfit with high top sneakers at her front door just a week before. Kylie has a prized handbag collection – which includes the Sterling Silver Mini Kelly and the Himalayan Birkin. Clearly the pandemic has changed the way some of our celebs flaunt their accessories and spoils. With no opportunity to step out with her prized bags, Kylie appears to be making the most of designer athleisure and sports gear to set new trends.

Photo Courtesy: Kylie Jenner Instagram and Daily Mail UK