Iconic Celebrity Hermès Sightings in 2019

There are few things we love more than spotting exclusive Birkins and Kellys on the arms of VIPS. We always love seeing which celebs are toting around which bags—especially since there are so many possible versions of the B & K.

Celeb style inevitably trickles down, so these snapshots have a big impact on luxury fashion and how it’s perceived! This year we saw a number of celebs with exotic and rare bags… but we’d say these are the most iconic Hermès moments of 2019:

Victoria Beckham’s Purple Ostrich B

Posh Spice makes that old dictum about pairing your handbag with your shoes look good. Really good. In November she was spotted at Paris’ Gare du Nord station. With a suit and heels, it was quite the travel ensemble. Her carry-on? A striking purple ostrich Birkin.

Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Kendall Jenner’s HAC

Kendall aces “casual opulence” with this laid-back outfit and oversized B. Off to Gigi Hadid’s farm in Pennsylvania for a weekend trip last month, Kendall was spotted with a black HAC Birkin 60 (the Haute à Courroies or “high belts” Birkin looks just like the classic Birkin but is taller with slightly shorter handles).

The HAC Birkin is so large (and so rare) that we wrote about this sighting on BopTalk. (Read: Kendall Jenner Swings from Small to Big with an Hermès Birkin)

Photo courtesy of Splash News

J. Lo Dressing Down Her Himalaya Birkin

Leave it to J. Lo to bring along a Himalaya Birkin to the most…erm…casual settings possible. Who brings a Hima to a workout? (And importantly…where does it go? In a locker?) She was also spotted taking the Birkin to H&M on a shopping trip with her daughter.)

Read: JLo Brings Himalaya Birkin to the Gym


Photo courtesy of Splash News

Kris & Kylie’s Matching Himalaya Kellys

If any family is going to have matching Kellys—and not just Kellys, but Himalaya Kellys—it’s the Kardashians. It’s only fitting that Kris & Kylie were in all-black ensembles on their private plane in September, both draped in diamonds and clutching their exotic Ks. The caption of this photo on Kylie’s IG? “business meetings.”


Stormi’s Mini Kelly

Could Stormi Webster be the youngest Hermès owner in the world? Kylie Jenner took a IG video this spring of her 1-year-old daughter with a Mini Kelly II. Sure, she could have just been playing with the bag… but Kylie did mention in her closet tour that she was saving this one for her.  (Read: Kylie Jenner Reserves a Mini Kelly for Baby Stormi)


Which is your favorite celebrity Hermès sighting this year? Any big ones that we missed? Discuss below!

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Published: December 11th, 2019
Updated: December 17th, 2019

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