Louis Vuitton Launches Another Multi Pochette Bag


Why give up a good thing? It seems Louis Vuitton thought just this when launching their latest handbag – the New Wave Multi-Pochette.

That’s right, Louis Vuitton have released another Multi-Pochette style bag. Following on from the success of the house’s existing multi bags, this new piece turns LV’s popular New Wave Chain bag into a compacted, multi-functional and hands-free accessory.

The brand enjoyed instant success with their Multi-Pochette Accessoires with the unique bag becoming a cult classic popular amongst celebrities and influencers alike. Next Vuitton launched the Twist and Twisty – a clever twist to the popular multi bagging trend (pun most definitely intended)! This design consists of a mini version of LV’s popular Twist bag layered on top of a larger style of the bag.

It seems Vuitton didn’t want to end the success of this trend there! Enter the New Wave Multi-Pochette.

The bag is comprised of a smaller version of the New Wave bag which comes in quilted calf leather and features a flap with the house’s signature interlocking LV logo at the centre. This pochette comes with a chain strap and a round coin purse, also in quilted calf leather, clipped onto a longer material strap. This cross-body strap is embossed with the words ‘Louis Vuitton’ written in slanted font, typical of Vuitton’s New Wave collection.

Priced at $2,300, this new design will set you back several hundred dollars more than the house’s original multi bag, the Multi-Pochette Accessoires which costs $1,860.

It is also worth noting that this new multi bag option from LV has two compartments compared to the Multi-Pochette Accessoires’ three.

The new design’s main pochette is also considerably smaller than that of the aforementioned Multi-Pochette Accessoires.

Currently the New Wave Multi-Pochette is offered in three colors – Black, Snow and Kaki. The new design is available to purchase on the Louis Vuitton website and, much like the Multi-Pochette Accessoires, can also be found on some resale sites due to high demand.

Louis Vuitton’s decision to launch a multi bag version of their popular New Wave Chain Bag seems to have further consolidated the multi bag style as more than just a passing fad and instead what could potentially be an iconic style for years to come.

What are your thoughts on Louis Vuitton’s latest take on the multi bagging look? Will this new edition or any other multi bag styles end up on your wishlist?

Photos courtesy of
Louis Vuitton

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