Louis Vuitton Responds to Government's Call for Non-Surgical Face Masks


First LVMH announced switching production lines in its perfume factories to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer. Now the luxury brand, in collaboration with Mode Grand Ouest (a regional network of the textile industry), has responded to the French Government’s call for support to manufacture non-surgical face masks, supplies of which are fast dwindling.

Louis Vuitton has reportedly re-purposed 12 out of 16 manufacturing facilities with 115 voluntary employees to meet a promised target of 100,000 non-surgical face masks a week,

Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton chairman and CEO, marked the launch of production by visiting the brand’s Sainte-Florence workshop, where 22 artisans are voluntarily stationed. “As an important French House, Louis Vuitton wishes to commit at its level to producing many thousands of masks that will be distributed within the region, at no charge, to protect those who are most exposed,” he said. “This production is the fruit of a wonderful collaboration with the regional sector of the textile industry.”

Needless to say, the masks will not bear the Louis Vuitton Logo. Reportedly, The company plans to keep 20-30% of the masks for internal use and donate the rest to retirement homes.

Photo Courtesy: Louis Vuitton

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