Magical Day at the Hermès Mothership in Paris


Dear Pursebop family,

Before I share my recent H experiences, I would like to preface that I have been a longtime admirer of Hermes. I started to steadily curate my collection of Hermes since the late 90s from small pieces to larger goods that made my heart skip a beat. I love Hermes RTW, jewelry, scarves, shawls, shoes, small leather goods & bags.

I was in Paris this past January for the winter sale and returned to Paris in February to celebrate Chinese New Year. When I arrived in Paris, I submitted a request for an appointment at the Hermes leather department. That evening, I received a confirmation that the request has been accepted for next day. I tried this new appointment system back in January and I was lucky to get an appointment even then, but the bag offered to me… wasn’t for me. I had my heart set on something specific, so sadly I turn it down.

After a late brunch, I checked my appointment time and it was moved to an earlier appointment time by 50 mins! I rushed over to FSH and checked in at the leather desk. I was met by a very nice SA and she directed me upstairs. She said “I was waiting for you Ms. X.” At that moment, I had a good-positive feeling. She asked me what I was looking for and I gave her my first, second, and my third choices: Kelly Cut or Kelly Pochette or Constance in Gris Moutte, Etain, Gris Asphalt, all with palladium hardware. She then asked me if I would consider a Gold color or gold hardware. I told her I’d take a look since I do have some bags in my collection with gold hardware too. She excused herself and she was gone for at least 20 + minutes. I knew that was a positive sign, so I put on a smile and patiently waited.

When she returned, she brought 4 boxes and asked me to follow her into one of the dressing rooms. She began with an apology that she could not find the colors I was looking for, but she brought 4 different bags that might interest me. I held my composure and I was prepared to be surprised when the bags were revealed to me, one by one.

1st bag was a Kelly Cut in the new color, Vert Vertigo. It was the most beautiful green color I’ve ever seen. I was overjoyed and quickly posed with the soon-to-be my next bag.

2nd bag – SA started with a story by sharing with me the history of Hermes and that the next bag is very special leather that is naturally dyed in a vegetable oil… I interrupted her and blurted it out, Barenia? She opened the box and said, you know about the Hermes history… and then the 18CM Barenia Constance was revealed. My eyes sparkled and I was beaming ear to ear. I was on cloud nine, then suddenly struck me with a dilemma, which bag should I take home from this trip?

She opened 3rd and 4th boxes and both bags were very nice and beautiful but my heart was already full and fluttering between the Kelly Cut and Constance bags. Then she told me, you can have both bags. At that moment, I had to pinch myself… you mean, ” I get to take home… not one- but both bags??? these were the very two on my wish list! I was beyond elated. I generously thanked the SA and we proceeded downstairs to look at some charms and twillies.

I have had many wonderful memories shopping at Hermes and I’ve never returned home empty handed. This was another special trip to add to the many wonderful memories.

I feel very blessed and grateful to share my experiences with the Pursebop family, thank you.


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Gina thank you for sharing your lovely experience with all of us. Clearly the appointment system works – once you secure one! Your scores will leave many of us breathless. That Barenia Constance is simply divine as is the so rare Kelly Cut.

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