Tête-à-Tête : The Cutest Reveal Story from Paris


Wednesday 17 march, one day before “the talk!” (The prime minister’s talk that is…)

Rumor is that a weekend lockdown is coming… The pressure is on!

I don’t know why but every time these rumors start, I go on a crazy shopping spree, like I NEED these things, like I’m actually going somewhere which I’m actually NOT! Clearly, I’ve got FOMO.

Well, let’s start from the beginning…

Busy busy day ahead : meetings, running errands, going to visit the kindergarten, getting my other kid from school (they can’t lunch at school anymore due to covid). My friends texting me like the end of the world is near, and asking me if I’m going to CC and H (as is if H is going to be throwing their iconics at us), and if they should go too…

They are literally pressuring me uggghhhh….

Now that I am in my meeting, i just could not stop thinking about CC! I was like ok blablablaaaa I heard you but did I listen? No! My mind was at Cambon 😂
Long story short, I called my hubby told him,” I’m going to go for a walk with the baby” (I’m sure his first word will be “CHANEL” by the way).

And there I went … CHANEL being my cardio!
Arrived at Cambon, did what I do best.
Got my freak on, bought some things.
And off I went.

While walking down Faubourg Saint-Honoré with my baby, my bags and the rain that was pouring… I see my husband passing by in his car. He stops. Gets out the car, kisses the baby and moi of course, and looks at my bags and goes, ” tu es vraiment une femme malade” (you are a sick, sick woman). I must admit he isn’t wrong about this!

“Ok je suis malade, but can you give me a ride?”

And this hubby of mine answers, “No! Your car is just across the street and I have to go.” (It was raining!!!!)

But something was odd about this. I crossed the street, took my car and called my BFF. I was like, “so weird he wouldn’t give me a ride (or at least a ride to my bags). It WAS raining.”

My BFF replies, “stop being a drama queen! You were parked across the street!”

“Ok ok might be a little dramatic,” I admit.

But then this BFF of mine who can’t keep a secret (from me that is) says, “ok ok look “ and sends me a photo….

Me: “ Shut up ! what ? how ? where ? when? ”

She: “It’s yours , bisssh.”

Still her: “Now go home make dinner and be nice! That’s the reason he didn’t give you a ride and could definitely NOT open the trunk!”

Me: “OMG OMG OMG! how ? when? .. ”

She: “Shut up, you don’t know anything ok? You’ll have to be patient but at least you can cross this one off your never ending wishlist.”

Me: “Patient why?”

She: “It’s your wedding anniversary gift!!! “

Me: “FML”

Now I’m sure you are all soooo curious like I was!

But you’ll have to wait…. with me! Very patiently!

Moral of the story – Don’t curse at your husband because he left you in the rain, he might just have gotten you your holy grail!!!

Xoxo, From Paris with Amour.


PS : now , I’m actually training my actress skills! I must act surprised in a few weeks! And believe me when I say I’m a terrible terrible actress (like Britney Spears terrible)!

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How exciting! You’ll have to share with us how your husband scored this beauty! Happy Anniversary from Alpine, NJ

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