My Renewed Love of Chanel: Revealing a Forever Piece


When it comes to designer handbags, Chanel is, and always will be, my first love. Yes, I went down the orange rabbit hole, obsessively, the last three years, as I’ve built a fairly impressive Hermès collection. But, no, I’ve never abandoned Chanel. I visit Chanel boutiques regularly, stocking my wardrobe with clothing, shoes and accessories. Only my Chanel bag buying was on pause. Temporarily. Until recently. My last purchase was in 2019 when I acquired a pink (of course) python Coco Handle mini, just before Chanel quit exotics.

Truth is, I never really left Coco’s house. Even during the Hermès chase, I carried a Chanel bag. Forays into other designer bag brands over the years left me unsatisfied. There is something about the timeless, classic nature of Chanel designs that keep me coming back for more. I am not alone in this belief. The frenzy, excitement, anticipation, and wonder of what is to come each season has exploded, particularly this year.

The Chanel Journey
Over the years I have purchased many different Chanel bags: totes, shoulder bags, evening bags with interesting chains, WOCs, clutches, and classic flaps. All were in black or white. I also have re-homed many of my earlier bags to the point where I finally have a well balanced, curated collection. Adding my favorite pink bags into the mix was the missing link. Read: Reveal: How I got my special piece from Chanel 21C .
Or so I thought….

What makes a balanced collection of Chanel bags? For me, it consists of an evening chain WOC, an exotic mini coco handle, a Mademoiselle large lock flap, an old medium Boy, a caviar Easy flap, a tote for travel and nesting, and now four timeless classic flap bags.

Today there are so many styles to choose from in every price range. The wallet on a chain, mini square and rectangle classic flap are all good choices especially if you are just starting your journey. There are also backpacks, totes, vanity cases, cross body, clutch and evening bags. And there are amazing belt bags, airpod cases, glass cases, card holders, and wallets, all in various sizes, leathers, colors and hardware. Chanel has even taken the mini craze to new levels with micro bags hanging from the ears, waist, and around the neck. I am loving all of it!

Oops I Did It Again
After the 21C and 21S pink frenzy I indulged in, Read: Chanel Reveal: Is this is the Year of the Perfect Pink Classic Flap?’ I really believed I was done, at least for a while. Then my SA showed me the 21S small white caviar classic flap. I had sold my small white lambskin classic flap several years ago. But this was in caviar, my preferred leather. How could I say no? The white caviar is so classic Chanel. But I did take a breath and told my SA I had to think about it for 24 hours. Who was I kidding? It came home with me the very next day.

All About the Hardware
After much soul searching I realized the fresh new take on these timeless classics for me is Chanel’s current use of champagne hardware. It dresses up every color bag released. My preference has always been silver hardware on all my bags. But the champagne gold hardware is the perfect mix of both metals that goes with both gold and silver accessories.

Now I must retire to ban island. Let’s see how long that will last.

Stay tuned.

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Oh my God, I die with these bags 😍 congrats on the new treasure, it’s beautiful 😍 super happy for you 🥰😘😘😘

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