Where's My Louis Vuitton Luggage?


Consider it the ultimate in bag protection . . . a way not to lose your luggage. With smart gear infiltrating the travel world, Louis Vuitton has jumped on the bandwagon (or plane, bus or train) and introduced a tracker device for its luggage. Called the Echo (and apparently not related to the Amazon Echo), it works with LV’s Horizon 50, 55 and 70 suitcases, which range in price from $2800 to $4650. The tracker will set you back another $370 (that’s right – it’s not included with the Horizons) but when linked to the LV PASS app it will tell you whether your bag has arrived at the right airport. For three years – that’s the initial term for the tracking service.

Are you buying?

Read more about Louis Vuitton Horizon luggage here:

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