Carrie Me to Paris

Trust us, you won’t want to go to Paris without this!

There’s something packed inside of these Mini Kellys that you need. As much as we love Paris and its fashion, shopping, outdoor cafes and exquisite restaurants with five star cuisine – and we do – there is a problem.

Tiny tables.

PurseBop’s Hermès tri color Kelly 25

That’s right. It’s a struggle to figure out where to put your things, especially your handbag. In fact, there’s usually barely enough space to even fit your food and drinks. And certainly don’t expect an extra chair for your purse of the day!

During our recent Paris trip, we were so glad we packed our Carrie bag holders. It takes up very little space and comes in a protective pouch. It even fits in a Mini Kelly 20 with “plenty” of space left for your other essentials.

Although, we had to improvise a bit at Hotel Costes. We had three Hermès bags and just two Carrie holders, lol. See what followed:

Hotel Costes, Paris.

If you’re not familiar with the Carrie, it is the classy, sleek and sturdy handbag holder. Carrie can be suspended from your table surface to keep your treasured purse clean and safe. With Carrie your purse remains off the floor and away from all of the “dangerous” spillable items on the table. That’s right, it eliminates the risk of champagne or ketchup, or even chocolate, staining your bag. Plus it looks très chic.

The PurseBop team in Paris, March 2023.

Share your Carrie with us on Instagram @pursebop/@boptalk because we want to see your beautiful bags looking as chic as you! 

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Published: April 29th, 2023
Updated: May 2nd, 2023

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