Chanel vs. Saint Laurent WOC Showdown!

As you have all demonstrated to us time and time again, the Wallet on Chain is a must have accessory! WOCs aren’t only functional, but also fuel our mini obsession. The Chanel WOC and the Saint Laurent WOC are two styles in particular that have become cult favorites. The hype over these two brands has inspired us to do a showdown comparison. It’s hard to judge a bag unless you see it in action, so let’s take a look at these bags in their best settings. Explore the celebrity style pictures, street style pictures, and instagram eye candy below to get a better sense of whether you’re all about the Chanel WOC or the Saint Laurent WOC.


Gigi Hadid

Jennifer Garner

Kylie Jenner

Eva Longoria

Audrina Patridge

Street Style

Instagram Eye Candy

FullSizeRender 58


FullSizeRender 57


FullSizeRender 55


FullSizeRender 56


Saint Laurent

Chiara Ferragni

Saint Laurent Tassel Crossbody Bag via Bergdorf Goodman.

Kim Kardashian

Dianna Agron

Saint Laurent Monogram Chain bag via Saks Fifth Avenue

Hailey Baldwin

Street Style

Saint Laurent Monogram Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet via Saks Fifth Avenue.

Instagram Eye Candy

FullSizeRender 59

Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet via Barneys. ~@shoepursemomma


YSL Monogram Tassel Crossbody via Neiman Marcus. ~ @stylesandwich

FullSizeRender 60

Saint Laurent Monogram Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet via Saks Fifth Avenue. ~ @iamchoquette

FullSizeRender 61


Which WOC wins the showdown for you – the Chanel WOC or the Saint Laurent WOC?!

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Published: April 16th, 2016
Updated: May 3rd, 2016

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1 Responses to “Chanel vs. Saint Laurent WOC Showdown!”

  • That’s a tough one!! But I think my heart still will go for WOC for Chanel!!❤️