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“Mini” has been the buzz word in the bag world for the past year or so, and it looks like the mini trend is still holding strong. It’s easy to swoon over mini bags after seeing them on other fashionistas, but making the jump to purchase one can be a little harder without during your homework. PurseBop has compiled an extensive reference guide to help you stay on top of all the mini madness.

Here’s what to expect in this mini bag reference guide:
I. Overview of the Mini Trend
II. Mini Bag Style Suggestions
III. Mini Bags from 15+ Designers
IV. Mini Bag Price Comparisons
V. Instagram Eye Candy



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Why Everyone Is Falling In Love with the Mini

#1 Surprisingly Versatile
When first seeing a mini bag, you might think it looks gimmicky or that it would look ridiculous when you’re actually wearing it. Fortunately though, mini bags seamlessly blend into a variety of looks. Mini bags can quickly become your “go-to” option.

#2 Affordability
Since mini bags take less material to make than their bigger peers, designers are able to retail mini bags for a more affordable price compared to other bags in their lines.

#3 Iconic Bags in Smaller Form
A true mini bag is an exact replicate of its “mother” bag. You can experience the look of your favorite icon bags in a smaller style and for a cheaper price.

#4 Bandwagon Effect
We’ve seen mini bags flood our instagram feeds, and it’s hard to resist the temptation.

#5 Simply Adorable
How can you not love something mini?!

Reasons to add a Mini to YOUR collection

#1 Perfect for All Occasions
Due to their smaller size, mini bags work well for formal occasions. Yet, they also work well when you’re out-and-about and don’t feel like carrying that much.

#2 Easy Wear
Most mini bags come with long crossbody straps since they don’t have handles proportionate enough for your hand or arm to fit through. They will flat against your side without being cumbersome and allow for comfortable wear.

#3 Great for an Entry-Level Bag
Due to their more accessible price points, mini bags make great entry-level options. If you’re looking for your first designer bag or experimenting with a new brand, start browsing through mini options.

#4 Fun Way to Experiment with Bold Colors and Patterns
Mini bags can still make a big impact! Their tiny surfaces truly show off intricate embellishments and patterns. If your mini bag is mostly for special occasions, you could go with a bright color, decorative style or exotic material to add something unique to your collection.

#5 Playful Accents
By nature, mini bags are fun pieces that can spice up your look. Just have fun with them!

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Chanel Classic Flap Mini (Rectangle) – $2,900

Chanel Classic Flap Mini (Square) – $2,700

Chanel Classic Flap Extra Mini – $2,400

Read all about the Classic Flap family in PurseBop’s The Chanel Mini: “Small is the New Big…” Guide


Chanel Classic Flap Extra Mini

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy – $810

Louis Vuitton Nano Noe Bag – $810

Louis Vuitton Nano Turenne Bag – $1,060

Louis Vuitton Nano Alma Bag – $1,110

Louis Vuitton Nano Pallas Bag – $1,110

Louis Vuitton Nano Lockit Bag –  $1,720

Louis Vuitton Nano W Bag –  $1,720

Read about the entire collection: Louis Vuitton says – Go Nano!

Louis Vuitton Nano W


Hermes Birkin 25 – $9,500

Hermes Kelly 25 – $9,000

Hermes Kelly 20

Read more on H minis in PurseBop’s Irresistible, yet Unattainable: Hermes Mini Bags feature


Hermes Birkin 25

Hermes Kelly 25

Hermes Kelly 20


Fendi Mini Peekaboo – $3,150 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Mini 3Jours Leather Shopper – $2,400 via Nordstorm

Fendi Mini 2Jours Shopping Bag – $1,990 via Barneys

Fendi Micro Peekaboo – $1,550 via Barneys

Fendi Mini By the Way Satchel – $1,450 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Micro Baguette – $1,110 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Read all about why the Fendi Micro Peekaboo was It-Bag of the Year


Fendi Mini Peekaboo


Fendi 3Jours Mini

Fendi Mini 2Jours


Fendi Mini By The Way

Fendi Micro Baguette


Valentino Lock Micro Mini Shoulder Bag – $1,895 via Neiman Marcus

Valentino Mini/Small Rockstud Crossbody – $1,495 via Barneys

Valentino Mini Leather Tote – $2,595 via Neiman Marcus

Discover all of Valentino’s bags in PurseBop’s Valentino Rockstuds Keep Rockin’ On Guide

Valentino Lock Micro Mini Shoulder Bag

Valentio Mini Rockstud Crossbody


Valentino Micro Mini Leather Tote


Givenchy Mini Pandora Box  – $1,995 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Givenchy Mini Shark – $1,790 via Barneys

Givenchy Mini Antigona – $1,750 via Bergdorf Goodman

Givenchy Micro Lucrezia – currently out of stock

Givenchy Mini Pandora Leather Shoulder Bag- $1,290 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Discover more Givenchy bags in PurseBop’s The Givenchy Game reference guide


Givenchy Pandora Box Mini

Givenchy Shark Mini

Givenchy Antigona Mini


Givenchy Lucrezia Micro


Givenchy Pandora Messenger Mini


Balenciaga Papier Mini Tote – $1,395 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Giant Arena 12 Mini City – $1,395 via Barneys

Balenciaga made our list of Celebrity Approved trending bags. See the Balenciaga Papier in action!


Balenciaga Giant Arena 12 Mini City


Balenciaga Mini Papier A4

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Baby Sac de Jour – $2,590 via Neiman Marcus

Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour – $1,990 via Barneys

Saint Laurent Toy Sac de Jour – currently out of stock

Read more on the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour in PurseBop’s reference guide


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Mini

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Mini Sweet Charity Bag – $1,450 via Nordstrom


Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Mini


Chloe Drew Bag Mini – $1,650 via Neiman Marcus

Chloe Drew Bag Nano – $1,190 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Read more about the Up-and-Coming Favorite: The Chloe Drew Bag 


Chloe Drew Nano


Prada Saffiano Micro Galleria – $1,290 via Neiman Marcus

Prada Saffiano Promenade Bag – $1,060 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Read about one of Prada’s latest bags: The Prada Inside Bag


Prada Saffiano Mini Galleria


Prada Saffiano Mini Promenade


Gucci Dionysus Python Mini – $2,790 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Gucci Dionysus Blooms Mini Shoulder – $1,650 via Neiman Marcus

Guccci Bamboo Shopper Mini – $1,400 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Gucci Soho Leather Mini Chain Bag – $850 via Neiman Marcus

Gucci will be BIG next season with the recent comeback of logos, read why in PurseBop’s Rise of the Logos features

Gucci Soho Leather Mini Chain Baag


Gucci Bamboo Mini Shopper


Gucci Dionysus Mini (Python)


Small/Mini Lady Dior – $3,100

Diorever Mini – $3,000

Micro Lady Dior – $2,950

Discover the whole Lady Dior family In PurseBop’s The Tale of a Lady: The Lady Dior Bag reference guide

Read more on the New Diorever bag in our extensive reference guide


Lady Dior Mini Bag


Diorever Mini


Delvaux Brillant Mini – $4,440

Take a look at Delvaux Brillant Mini up close in PurseBop’s Delvaux Mini Madness reveal


Delvaux Brillant Mini


Celine Mini Luggage Tote – $3,330

Celine Micro Luggage Tote – $2,700

Celine Nano Luggage Tote – $1,900

Read all about another chic and simple Celine favorite: The Celine Box Bag


Celine Nano Luggage Tote

Mini Bag Price Comparison

Mini BagPrice in USD
Hermes Birkin 259,500
Hermes Kelly 259,000
Hermes Kelly 20-
Delvaux Brillant$4,440
Fendi Mini Peekaboo$3,150
Fendi 3Jours$2,400
Fendi 2Jours$1,990
Fendi Micro Peekaboo$1,550
Fendi By the Way$1,450
Fendi Baguette$1,110
Dior Mini Lady$3,100
Dior Diorever Mini$3,000
Dior Micro Lady$2,950
Chanel Mini (rectangle)$2,900
Chanel Mini (square)$2,700
Chanel Extra Mini$2,400
Gucci Dionysus (Python)$2,790
Gucci Dionysus Blooms$1,650
Gucci Bamboo Shopper$1,350
Gucci Soho Chain Bag$850
Saint Laurent Baby SDJ$2,590
Saint Laurent Nano SDJ$1,990
Saint Laurent Toy SDJ$1,350
Prada Twin-Tote$2,190
Prada Galleria$1,060
Prada Promenade$1,060
Givenchy Pandora Box$1,995
Givenchy Shark$1,790
Givenchy Antigona$1,750
Givenchy Lucrezia$1,290
Givenchy Pandora Messenger$1,225
Louis Vuitton W$1,720
Louis Vuitton Lockit$1,720
Louis Vuitton Pallas$1,110
Louis Vuitton Alma$1,110
Louis Vuitton Turenne$1,060
Louis Vuitton Noe$810
Louis Vuitton Speedy$810
Balenciaga Papier Tote$1,695
Balenciaga City$1,395
Valentino Tote$2,095
Valentino Lock$1,895
Valentino Crossbody$1,495
Chloe Drew Mini$1,650
Chloe Drew Nano$1,190
Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity$1,450

Instagram Eye Candy

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FullSizeRender 53



FullSizeRender 55


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Published: February 28th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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