Dear PurseBop: How Do I Increase My Chances of Being Offered A Mini Kelly?

This week Hermès questions dominated Dear PurseBop’s inbox once again. Inn particular there were several questions related to the availability of the Mini Kelly. The Kelly 20 is still the most sought over size despite all the chatter that big bags are back. There were also several questions pertaining to shopping abroad, in particular Tokyo.

The Hermès house is notoriously cloaked in mystery, intrigue, and uncertainty. But it is those very things that keep us coming back for more.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with the brand. Keep your questions coming by clicking here. Be sure to read all our past questions and answers submitted by your fellow community members. We all share this passion and we love educating and enjoying everyone’s success.

What Effect Does Accepting a Hermès Non-Quota Bag Have on The Timing of Being Offered a Quota Bag?

Shopping at Hermès is exciting and enjoyable, but it can also be confusing and frustrating at times. Maneuvering when to accept a non-quota bag and whether it will affect the timing of an offer of an upcoming quota bag varies from location to location and sometimes from SA to SA. However, Dear PurseBop outlines all the steps to consider and tips while shopping to assist you here.

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What Shall I Expect and What Should I Wear To My First Special Event at Hermès?

Hermès often has events on special Sundays for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Holidays, new window displays, release of new ready to wear collections and more. It is always a good idea to attend these events when invited to receive special attention while shopping and mingling with other Hermès lovers.

These events are also a good opportunity to style the accessories and items you have purchased. Dear PurseBop has more suggestions for what to wear while attending these events here.

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How Do I Get My First Hermès Bag in London?

London and Europe manage their quota bags through the Wish List system. It is a very organized and well run system that has operated very efficiently for the past several years. Dear PurseBop outlines exactly how to place a wish list with a SA, the options, and parameters, and everything you need to know here.

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How Do I Increase My Chances of Being Offered a Mini Kelly?

A mini Kelly is a very desirable and popular bag. There are things you can do to increase the likelihood of being offered one as your next quota bag. There are of course no guarantees with Hermès, but your SA will guide you through the process. Dear PurseBop has great ideas on how to maintain a healthy purchase history while waiting for your next quota bag offer. Read here for all the suggestions.

Is It Possible to be Offered a Leather Hermès bag in Tokyo?

Shopping in Tokyo is one of the best experiences. There are 14 Hermès boutiques in Tokyo alone! If your time permits visiting several at different times during the day may result in some success. As in all boutiques, there is an element of luck, timing, and availability always involved. read on here for all of Dear PurseBop’s suggestions for shopping at Hermès in Tokyo.

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How Do I Get Offered an Evelyne TPM in Paris and Nice?

Shopping in Paris and Nice is so exciting. Having a non-quota bag you desire is a good thing to request when visiting the various boutiques. Often you may be told there is no availability. But read more here for Dear PurseBop’s suggestions on how to navigate your shopping to increase your chances of being offered an mini Evelyne or other non-quota bag of your dreams.

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Published: May 9th, 2024
Updated: May 10th, 2024

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