Dear PurseBop: Is It Wrong to Shop With Two Hermès SA’s in Two Different Locations Where I Live Part-time?

photo courtesy @sakikichi1201

photo courtesy @sakikichi1201

Everyone wants to know how to insure their luxury items, creative ways to be offered more than 2 quota bags per year from Hermès, how to choose between a Lady Dior and a Louis Vuitton Capucines bag, and what makes the Kelly Pochette so popular.

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Is It Wrong to Shop With Two Hermès SA's in Two Different Locations Where I Live Part-time?

By now we all know that the name of the Hermès game is to be loyal to one SA in one location. But what if you live in two different cities half the year and both have a Hermès boutique. Is it  reasonable to expect a Hermès lover to only shop half the year? We think not. Explore Dear PurseBop’s suggestions for balancing this delicate situation while keeping both SA’s happy by clicking here.

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Is the Louis Vuitton Capucines bag or the Lady Dior a Better Buy?

When choosing a luxury handbag to purchase there are many things to consider such as your lifestyle, your purpose in using the bag, your personal aesthetic, your taste, etc.

Assuming you have narrowed your choices down to two, such as the Lady Dior and the Louis Vuitton Capucines bag, now comes the hard part – choosing. Both have proven to be classic designs that are extremely popular at each luxury boutique. Clearly, either would be a beautiful addition to any collection.

Click here to read Dear PurseBop suggestions when deciding which bag to purchase.

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Why Is the Kelly Pochette So Popular?

The Hermès Kelly Pochette originally debuted in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s first Hermès runway show in 2004. It was designed as a lightweight, soft Sellier design with a flat bottom, retractable top handle, in a trapezoidal shape mimicking the Kelly Sellier. The simplicity of the design was welcomed as it easily transitioned from a day to night, easy to use clutch. Dear PurseBop explores the recent explosive popularity of the Kelly Pochette and discusses its pros and cons. Click here to discover more about the increasingly popular Kelly Pochette.

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What Are the Best Insurance Companies To Insure Luxury Handbags, Jewelry, and Other Valuables?

Owning and wearing luxury handbags, jewelry, and clothes is enjoyable but is associated with a certain amount of risk. Many wonder if they should insure their luxury items to protect from theft, loss, or damage. It is a huge decision and can be costly depending on your collection. There are many things to consider before proceeding such as whether to take out a floater or ryder on an existing homeowners insurance policy or get a stand alone policy to cover the items. One thing is certain, a reliable and independent appraisal of the items is key to accurately valuing your collection.

Click here for Dear PurseBop’s helpful suggestions on how to insure your luxury items and what insurance company provides coverage for valuable luxury items.

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Is It Possible To Get Additional Hermès Quota Bags Under My Husband's Account?

Hermès’ long standing rule is no more than 2 quota bags per year. But rules are made to be broken. Or are they?

Many Hermès lovers try every year to purchase more than 2 quota bags. Before the summer of 2022 a trip to Paris to visit the Hermès Mothership FSH was a tried and true way to successfully score an additional quota bag. It seems those days are gone since Hermès globally linked the Paris stores with the US and other countries for purposes of monitoring how many quota bags a customer  receives each year.

Click here to read how Dear PurseBop explores ways to get offered additional quota bags per year.

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Published: February 21st, 2023
Updated: February 28th, 2023

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