Does The Concierge at a 5-Star Hotel in Paris Book Hermès Appointments for Guests?



Do the five star hotel concierge in Paris offer to make an Hermes appointment and/or have any pull?

Dear Guest at Paris Hotel:

We have heard that some Concierge at 5 star hotels are able to make Hermès appointments for hotel guests, but we cannot personally confirm. We have no first hand experience, but our readers have reported that it can occur. We also cannot confirm that the appointments are for leather bags as opposed to other Hermès products.

It is certainly a good idea to ask your concierge. Maybe it is possible that they can make an appointment for you with a SA at Hermès. Should you get an appointment with someone, they may or may not be able to help you get a leather appointment or offer you leather bags/quota bags. We have received reports that some SA’s have limited availability to offer certain quota and non quota bags but not others.

Good luck and keep us advised of the outcome of your visit.  


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