Does It Make Sense To Make One of the Paris Hermès Stores Our Home Store?



Dear PurseBop,

My husband (Hubbs) and I are somewhat just beginning our Hermés journey. We have made small purchases (shoes, belts, scarves, etc.) online over the years. The issue is there isn’t an Hermés close to us in the US hence our online purchases.

We do frequently go to France once to twice a year for one to two months (which was postponed because of the pandemic). Hubbs is french so we have family and a home in France. Hermès is an hour train ride from our home in France which I LOVE!

Our next trip is in April and we will be in France for two months. Hubbs and I have agreed we will focus on continuing to build our profile and establish a relationship while in France making it our home store.

Seeing we split our time between the US and France I feel it’s best to build a relationship at the Hermés that we will frequent regularly. At this point, we don’t visit the Hermés in the US simply because we don’t visit states where there is an Hermés whereas in France we go to Paris once a week while there. So, the question is does it make sense to make one of the Paris Hermés stores our home store?

Let us know your thoughts. We value your opinion on this matter. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

Dear Part-time Resident of France:

I understand your dilemma that when you are in the U.S. there is not a Hermès store near your residence. However, in France you are merely one hour away and visit often.

Since you intend to start your Hermès journey by now focusing on making purchases at one location and with one SA, Paris would be a wonderful place to begin. Our suggestion is to visit all three stores, browse, talk to SA’s, and decide which of the three stores suit your needs best. Then focus your shopping in that store primarily.

It is our understanding that the Paris stores may operate differently than in the U.S. We have heard that the leather and non-leather SA’s at the mothership location, FSH, do not earn commission on the sales they complete. However, they are compensated based on the performance of the entire store. We are unsure if the other two locations, Sevres and George V, operate the same way.

Nevertheless, it is still recommended to build a relationship with one SA and to regularly shop with that SA. Feel free to ask your SA how the system works in Paris with respect to being offered a quota and non-quota bag. Non-residents must apply each day for an appointment the next day through the lottery system. We are unsure if this applies to residents of France as well. We have heard conflicting information.

It is best to ask the SA or Store Manager the best way to proceed to connect with a SA and build a lasting relationship so you can book appointments directly without using the lottery system.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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