How Can I Purchase A Hermès Bolide and Chanel Vanity Case?

Dear PurseBop: 
I would like to get a regular size Bolide in mauve Sylvestre and a Chanel vanity, medium size in light pink. Please, advice?
Dear Luxury Shopper:
When shopping for luxury bags it is best to only purchase what you love, the color and size that makes your heart sing, and the item that complements your wardrobe and lifestyle. 
A regular size Hermès Bolide in Mauve Sylvestre is a stunning bag in an amazing color. The size is quite roomy and allows for many things to be carried inside including a wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys and more. It is an excellent choice. Work with your SA and place your wishlist so they can be on the lookout when one arrives in your boutique.
A medium sized Chanel Vanity bag is also a lovely bag in light pink. It is a cute and versatile bag. However, due to the square shape you should make sure it will carry the essentials you need. Your Chanel SA can assist you with securing the Vanity you desire. 
Our articles linked below can provide you with all the information you need on these two coveted bags.
Both bags are beautiful additions to one’s collection.
Good luck and Happy Shopping

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