How Do I Buy A Hermès Bag For The First Time?



How do I buy a Hermès bag for the first time? Would I have any luck trying to buy from a Hermès store? Or do I have to buy online? How do I eventually get to buy from a Hermès store?
Dear First Time Hermès Buyer:
Although we have written many detailed and extensive articles on how to purchase a quota or non-quota handbag from our favorite luxury house, we never tire of discussing the mysterious world of Hermès. Those articles are linked below to provide you with more detail.
In summary, buying a bag from a Hermès boutique generally takes commitment and a healthy budget. Start with building a good relationship with a sales associate, have a lot of patience, a budget that allows you to shop within the different areas of the boutique such as ready to wear, shoes, homeware, silks, etc., and a willingness to accept a bag that may or may not meet every one of your specifications. These actions show a loyalty to the brand that Hermès is looking for. You may provide your sales associate with a “wishlist” of bags you would like to purchase, and they in turn will work hard to obtain approval to offer you one of the bags on your list. Your SA is usually unable to tell you how long the process may take and this is where patience can go a long way.
In the world of Hermès, the sales associates earn a commission from the items you buy throughout the store. They receive a higher commission for ready-to-wear, fine jewelry, and homeware than they do for leather goods, silks, and make up. Hermès does not want to sell to resellers so it is important to demonstrate that you are not a reseller. This is accomplished by showing your loyalty to the brand.
In exchange, so to speak, the sales associate will advocate for you to be offered a bag that you have placed on your wishlist. However, the SA must first obtain manager’s approval before any bag can be offered.
During the past year Hermès has experienced unprecedented low inventory. As a result, they have implemented new rules with respect to being offered non-quota and quota bags. Most recently we have heard that certain boutiques in the U.S. and abroad will not offer a customer a quota bag if they recently purchased a non-quota bag within the past 6 months. We are hearing that many locations are advising their clients that if they accept a non-quota bag offer, it may delay the time period in which they will next be offered a quota bag. 
In addition, Hermès has now limited customers to no more than 2 quota bags per calendar year by linking the Paris quota bag system to the United States. This means that before a customer will be offered a quota bag, their profile is reviewed in Paris and in the U.S. to insure that they are not receiving more than the allowed 2 quota bags per year.
Finally, another new rule recently established is the expansion of the list of bags deemed to be a quota bag. Certain “Kelly” bags are now considered quota bags that previously were not. Although this list may vary from location to location, the additional bags now  considered quota bags are: Kelly Pochette, Kelly Cut, Kelly Danse, Constance, and possibly others.
We urge you to read the following articles before beginning your journey at Hermès. You will be better prepared and know what to expect.
Good luck and happy shopping.
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