I Was Offered A C18 Gold on Gold But Really Want Rose Gold Hardware - Do I Pass?


Dear PurseBop:

Can I ask for your opinion? My SA offered me a mini Constance in  Gold with gold hardware (ghw) but I was waiting for rose gold hardware (rghw). Should I just get gold on gold? Tough choice and SA always says rghw is very rare.

Dear Mini Constance Dilemma:

To be offered a gold on gold mini Constance is an amazing offer. However, it is clear your heart is set on getting rose gold hardware. If the bag you were offered does not meet your expectations and does not “make your heart sing” when you look at it, it might be best to pass on the bag and wait for an offer with the specifications you really desire.

It is true that rose gold hardware is even more rare than gold hardware and may take longer to be offered. But if that is what you desire consider waiting until the bag of your dreams arrives. 

Good luck and keep us posted when you receive your dream bag.


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