Introducing the New Hermès Constance 1-24

Ready for a new look on a classic Hermès handbag? Yes, it’s one of the trifecta, but not the Birkin or Kelly. Instead, the Hermès Constance 24 just got a makeover!

Like the Kelly, there are multiple versions of the Constance. Of course, there are different sizes, like the 24, 18 (mini), and the micro. The numbers reflect the base measurement of the bag in  centimeters, as is the case with all Hermès bag names. Additionally, there is the Elon style, a more east-west elongated (as the name might suggest) bag and some SLG Constance wallets that can pull double duty as a clutch.

Now, there’s a change in the basic Constance 24, complete with a new moniker. The new Constance 1-24 includes a single gusset (pocket) inside instead of the two gussets in the original design. Even better, the 1-24 has a single pocket on the back, convenient for slipping in tickets or receipts. Plus, this bag also includes a small mirror with a leather tab which you slip into its own pocket inside the front of the bag.

To be clear, the 1-24 is being produced alongside the original. No need for fans of the original to worry, the 1-24 is not a replacement.

Expect to see three sizes of the 1-24, matching those of the Constance 24, at least in the foreseeable future. As far as how long it will be a part of the collection? We don’t have a read on that info yet. We do anticipate though that this new addition to the Constance line up is going to be very popular.

The Hermès Constance first arrived back in 1959, constructed by then in-house designer Catherine Chaillet who named the bag after her daughter. Since then, the Constance has become one of Hermès’ most loved bags. Indeed, the famous trifecta of Hermès holy grail bags includes the Constance, Birkin and Kelly. It is considered to be a quota bag in some stores.

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The Constance 24 size easily fits everything you may need for the day without having to downsize. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and is a great hands free option.

When worn crossbody, the original C24 design could appear a bit bulky or boxy. However with the more sleek design of the Constance 1-24, it lays flatter or closer to the body and appears less cumbersome.

The pricing for the new Hermès Constance1- 24 is $9,600 USD in Epsom and $10,600 in Evercolor.

We here at PurseBop always like to present you with a variety of testimonials so we reached out to a fellow community member and asked for her thoughts about the new Constance 1-24 and whether she prefers it or the original.

Although the bags are almost the same size, the one pocket C 1-24 is a tad smaller. Because of the difference in thickness, the one pocket C1 24 feels less boxy, lighter and more wearable as a crossbody or on the shoulder . It is easier to throw on for running errands etc . The traditional C 24 has always been like a mini briefcase to me, with its various compartments. I love that it holds my entire belongings but the C1- 24 has both great capacity and better styling.

The Constance Elan I have is also one compartment and larger than the 18 and other than its length it very much reminds me of the 1-24. The Elan strap is much thinner. For reference, I’m 5’4 and 3/4.


To learn more about which Constance might be right for you, check out the many testimonials on the debate of the C18 versus C24.

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Will the new Constance 1-24 be the version you want to add to your collection in 2023? Let us know…

Love, PurseBop


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Published: January 14th, 2023
Updated: January 14th, 2023

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