Is A Chanel Pearl Crush a Good Alternative to A Classic Mini Flap Bag?


Dear PurseBop:

Is a Chanel pearl crush worth it if I can’t land a mini classic flap? How can someone with no purchase history in a new country get a Chanel mini flap bag?

Dear Chanel Purchaser:

A Chanel Pearl Crush is an excellent bag that has the added benefit of making the chain strap adjustable. This is an excellent option if you need the strap to be longer or shorter based on your height.

Because the strap is adjustable the bag becomes so much more versatile. It can be worn on your shoulder or crossbody, as a belt bag, or even as a hand held or clutch bag. There are so many  possibilities.

We believe it is a classic style that you will enjoy. It has ample capacity inside despite its relatively small size. It is an excellent choice for any Chanel lover.

Our suggestion for shopping at Chanel in a new location is to shop in person either with an appointment or as a walk in. If you like the Sales Associate you are shopping with, ask for their card or number so you may make an appointment in the future. Let the SA know that you are interested in a mini flap bag. When one becomes available at your location, the SA will contact you that you may purchase the bag. 

Chanel welcomes new customers and your SA will make your experience an enjoyable and memorable one. Good luck and happy shopping.


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