6 Chanel Bags Under 6K

Oh Chanel, forever will you have our heart. Despite price increase after price increase, Chanel remains a favorite luxury brand. From classic flaps to 19’s and more, there really is a Chanel style for everyone… but what about every budget?

Many members of the luxe community have expressed concern lately that they are being priced out of Chanel. Naturally, that got us thinking. After a bit of investigation (and our own wishlist additions) we’ve identified bags that will surely make your heart and wallet sing.

We present to you 6 Chanel handbags under $6,000! Interested? Let’s take a peek.

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Chanel 22 Bag

The newest addition to the House of Coco has everyone talking. The Chanel 22 is the luxury brand’s take on minimalist elegance meets casual trendiness. Available in three sizes, and a healthy dose of different colors, the Chanel 22 bag is the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of luxe into your every day style.

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Now, let’s talk prices. Believe us when we say you’re going to like the sound of this. Not only is the small Chanel 22 just a smidge over the $5,000 range … but all THREE sizes fall under the $6,000 marker! The regular and large sizes retail for $5,300 and $5,800 respectively. Ready to shop like a kid in a candy store? We know we are.

For everything you need to know about the Chanel 22 bag, check out our comprehensive guide here.

Chanel Mini Flap Bag

The all-time classic of the luxury handbag world, the Chanel Classic Double Flap, has been the talk of the town for some time now – especially recently. No, not because of its design, or some new colors released by the house. Rather, it is because of the steep and consistent price increases of this particular style. In fact, the classic flap is quickly approaching the 10K mark. It’s prompting many to wonder if they’ll ever be able to own the bag of their dreams.

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Well … just look a little smaller! There is an option to own the classic flap style with greater capacity than you’d expect. The Chanel Mini Flap bag is as timeless as it is trendy. It is available in multiple colors in both tweed and lambskin, with gold or silver hardware. The mini rectangular flap measures approximately 5” x 8” x 3” and is currently priced at $4,100 USD for tweed and $4,400 USD for leather.

And don’t forget the Classic Mini Top Handle. This version may be Chanel’s best value for a classic flap. It is priced at $4800 and is loved for its versatility and ease of use from day to night.

Both styles have a classic shoulder strap that can be worn crossbody, and the spacious interior, sans the double flap, will surprise you.


photo courtesy @coco_love_pearl



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Chanel 19 Bag (Small Size)

When considering Chanel fan favorites, it’s simply impossible to ignore the now iconic Chanel 19. Released in 2019, the style quickly garnered a fan base among Chanel lovers everywhere. With it’s mixed metal interwoven chain, to its fluffy pillow-like quilting, the Chanel 19 offers style and function.

What we love even more, though, is the price. The small size currently sells for approximately $5,700 USD (varying slightly depending on material used). Measuring about 7” x 11” x 4”, it’s the ideal size for both work and play, night and day.

photo courtesy @luxepetite

Chanel has re-released the 19 bag almost every season in different colors, leathers and hardware, so the variety of choices is stellar. Remember the caramel craze we all couldn’t get enough of? The delicious caramel colored Chanel 19 bag arguably kickstarted that popularity. We wouldn’t blame you for daydreaming about this bag – admittedly, we have too.

Looking for the bag of your (Chanel) dreams? Then look no further than the Chanel 19 bag in the small size. Learn about how this style became such an icon by visiting the link here.

Chanel Boy Bag

With all the gorgeous styles of handbags Chanel has come out with over the years, the popularity of the Boy bag vacillates. At times the hottest of them all; at others, it seems a bit under the radar.

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the Boy manages to be classic and edgy at the same time. In fact, revisiting the style once more has reminded us just how truly sublime the Chanel Boy bag is. It’s a perfect style for those craving classic Chanel sophistication … with a twist.

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photo courtesy @valentinablingbling

As is the case with many styles, the Chanel Boy Bag is available in a plethora of different colors and hardware, in your choice of lambskin or caviar leather. Priced at just under the $6,000 mark ($5,900 USD to be exact), the Boy bag is a great addition to every Chanel lover’s collection.

The standard size for this style comes in at roughly 6” x 10” x 4”. Like the Classic Flap, the Boy Bag is also available in either chevron or quilted stitching design. This pink one in particular has sent our hearts racing with its shiny gold hardware. Have you added it to your cart yet?

Want to learn everything about the Boy of your dreams? Take a look at our comprehensive guide here.

Chanel Vanity Bag

As if we’re not vain enough, Chanel’s vanity cases just keep getting hotter. Whether classified as bags or slg’s, Miss Coco’s got quite a selection of this style, with many under $6,000. The choice of colors and design makes us feel like a kid in a candy store – there are so many options!

While some look cubical, others are more cylindrical, with a splash of circular and oval shapes as well. Varying in price from the mid $2,000’s to the high $4,000’s, Chanel vanity cases are the perfect hybrid of handbag and accessory.

photo courtesy @diaryofpinkthings

The capacity varies depending on the type of leather and style you choose. More often than not, credit cards, lipstick, sanitizer and other mini must-haves can be tucked in nicely in one of these little cuties.

If we had a Chanel bag for every time we’ve said that mini bags are here to stay, well…. we’d probably have all these Chanel vanities. Learn more about this oh-so-cute style here and consider adding a Chanel vanity case to your collection.

Chanel Bucket Bag

Bucket bags are the ultimate catch-all’s, keep-all’s and do-all’s of the handbag world. There’s simply no better feeling than tossing all your daily essentials in a bag that’s as stylish as it is useful.

Chanel has mastered the art of the bucket bag by releasing styles that are simply gorgeous while maintaining a size and shape capable of holding everything you need and then some. Available in countless colors, materials, sizes and hardware, you can grab a bucketful of bucket bags from between $4,200 to $5,100 USD.

Image Credit: @preyaparmar

Want some more bucket bag inspiration? Take a look at some other styles from Chanel here.

Well, there you have it! 6 Chanel bags under $6,000! It’s nice to know that there are still some solid choices when trying to be budget conscious – and a stunning selection too. From mini bags to flap bags and everything in between, there are many choices to satisfy almost any budget. What will you be buying at your next visit to Mademoiselle Chanel’s house?

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Published: May 29th, 2022
Updated: June 2nd, 2022

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