Is Late October Considered Low Inventory Period at Hermès in Paris?



I am visiting Hermes FSH at the end of October. Is it considered a low inventory period?

Unfortunately, since the Pandemic it is difficult to predict how much inventory the flagship store in Paris (FSH) will have at any given time. Inventory worldwide is extremely low. Quota and non-quota bags are getting harder and harder to get in Paris and in local boutiques in the US and abroad.

Our best advice when traveling to Paris is to keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment, enjoy everything Paris has to offer, shop and browse all three Hermès boutiques if you have time, apply online everyday for a leather appointment, buy only what you love and will use, and have a fabulous trip.

No one truly knows the secret to “scoring” a Birkin or Kelly or other non-quota bag in Paris. It could be equally hard to be offered a non-quota bag such as a Constance, Lindy or Picotin. But do your research. Have a wishlist prepared should you get the opportunity to discuss it with a Sales Associate. Have options on your wishlist showing flexibility, but be specific to give the SA enough information to search for something you would love. And good luck. We look forward to hearing about your experience upon your return.


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