Do You Have Suggestions for a "Workhorse" Everyday Bag?



I need suggestions for a basic everyday bag. I carry my designer bags for lunches, dinners etc. so I don’t destroy them. What can I use as a “workhorse “ bag?

Dear “Workhorse” Bag:

Although you do not specify what brands you favor, there are many luxury houses who offer options that would serve as a “workhorse” bag. I must assume you need something with ample space, that is sturdy and durable, and looks stylish as well. Most tote bags are offered in two or more sizes, styles, and colors so there are many options to choose.

Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull tote and On the Go Tote are two popular classic choices. Many similar bags from LV offer durability, roominess, a classic style, and a better price point than some others.

Goyard St. Louis and Artois totes are both good options with various colors to choose from. Prada’s Large Symbole Jacquard Fabric bag has a geometric design in several contrasting colors is a good alternative. And the Dior Book Tote is always a good choice for work and travel. The Givenchy Monogram G Tote bag is another great choice to consider. And the Bottega Veneta Arco Tote is stylish and in a classic Bottega basket weave design.

If you are interested in an Hermes tote, check out their newest  Cabas H en Biais Tote in canvas which is an understated tote that could be used as your daily workhorse. It comes in several different colors and sizes. Finally, Chanel has many tote options such as the Deauville or the new Chanel 22 that could serve your purpose.

We suggest visiting the various boutiques. There are so many good choices depending on your budget, your work needs, your style, and your preferences. Bring your computer and other items to see how they fit, and make a well-informed decision.

Good luck


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