The Tote Showdown: LV Neverfull vs Dior Book Tote vs Goyard Artois

Totes are the perfect utilitarian bag. Whether you’re traveling, going between work or school, nesting your handbag, or just trying to carry a bottle of wine and a few books, totes have you covered. There’s no wonder why they are often the preferred day-to-day bag for many a fashionista. Totes carry your whole life.

But are you tote-ally confused about which tote is best for you? No worries. We’ve evaluated three of the hot top picks – the small Dior Book Tote, theGoyard Artois GM, and the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.  While we discuss various features of each, the real comparison is in the photos.

We’ve talked about totes here before. How could we not? Here’s an important list of articles you should consider if you want to delve even further into each style:

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We selected these bags because they are all roughly the same size. As you will see, however, size is only one factor in selecting the right tote. Despite the size similarity, these bags are far from identical. We looked at (and show you in the photos):

  • strap /handle length
  • interior pockets/ storage
  • top closure
  • fabric durability
  • style/fashion
  • price
  • what fits in each tote/nesting bags

Tote Size and Strap Length

Starting with the basics – just how big (or small) are the bags? As you can see, all three stand about the same height and depth, with the Louis Vuitton a couple of inches shorter in length (although near impossible to catch at a casual glance). 

LV Neverfull – 12.2″L x 11.2″H x 6.7″D

Dior Book Tote – 14.4″L x 11″H x 6.9D

Goyard Artois – 14.5″L x 11″H x 6.25″D

One of the less talked about, but in our opinion most important considerations, is the strap length. Taking a close look at the photos below, the Goyard Artois has the longest straps, allowing it to be easily slung over the shoulder, even with a bulky winter coat. Next is the LV Neverfull, which also can be carried on the shoulder, but with a tighter fit.  Lastly, the small Dior Tote is mainly intended to be toted by hand.

Please note: our model has a petite frame at 5’1 and is a size 2/4. 

All three totes carried by hand.

All three totes carried with bent arm. Here the Neverfull and the Dior are a better fit.

All three totes carried over the shoulder. The Goyard Artois would be the most comfortable for all frames, then the LV Neverfull for most frames and the Dior Book Tote can only be carried over the shoulder for those with very petite frames.

Tote Interior & Pockets

If you’re looking for interior sections or pockets, these bags are primarily open space. When it comes to features, the LV Neverfull bag definitely has the most, from the generous zippered interior pocket to the removable pouch.
The Goyard Artois has a sturdy open interior pocket suitable for holding a wallet, phone and/or travel documents (but does not have a zip).
The Dior Book Tote does not have any interior pockets.

Comparing interior pockets of the LV Neverfull and the Goyard Artois.

LV Neverfull has the additional removable pouch.

The sturdy but open interior pocket of the Goyard Artois.

Tote Top Closure

The top closure could be a deal breaker or decider if you’re looking for a bag that fully closes. Only the Goyard Artois has a zipper top providing security to keep your items in and unwanted hands out (unlike its sister the Goyard Saint Louis tote, read: Goyard Tote Battle: Artois Takes on Saint Louis).

On the other hand, depending upon your purpose, maybe the zipper makes it slightly more difficult to get in and out of the bag.

The LV Neverfull, although still an open top bag, does have side-cinching capability with laces. This feature allows the bag to be somewhat closed, as you can see from the photos below.

For a pure, dump it in and pull it out bag, the Dior Book Tote may be for you. It is a fully open and accessible bag.

Goyard Artois offers complete closure to all contents when needed. The cinching laces on the Neverfull give you some protection but things can still fall or slip out.

Closed up – these two totes look very similar in size.

Tote Fabric and Durability

When we discuss fabrication and durability, be clear that we are not looking at the leather models of these totes. Both the Goyard and the Louis Vuitton use their versions of coated canvas –  lightweight yet offering some structure and designed for a measure of protection from wear and tear (and water). Of course, neither of these bags are bulletproof, but they are more durable. Both of these boast leather trim and straps.

The Dior book tote is made of a woven jute fabric. It’s quite lovely and more complex than it seems. However, it is subject to the effects of water, stain and general usage.

LV Neverfull lined in nylon canvas.

Dior Book Tote has no lining.

Goyard Artois has no lining but made of a study canvas.

Tote Style & Fashion

In terms of style and fashion, ultimately it’s a matter of personal taste. The Goyard Artois is more utilitarian looking – for business and travel. The LV Neverfull skips from work to beach and everything in between. Louis Vuitton continually updates its fabrication options and often includes this style in its latest concepts, perhaps lifting its fashionability score. The Dior Tote is in some ways the more upscale fashion option  – seen on the wrists of fashionistas world wide. Shown often with matching ready-to-wear or accessories, it may be the most high end look of the three.

Prices of Totes

LV Neverfull MM- ranges from $1320 for classic monogram to $2170 for special variations such as the Escale collection in rouge shown here.
For more information read: Goyard vs. LV: Battle of the Totes

Dior Book Tote – ranges from $2750 to $3100 for special editions. For more information read: Investigative Report and Reveal of the Smaller Dior Book Tote

Goyard Artois – ranges from $2035 for basic colors to $2645 for special colors.
For more pricing information read: The Goyard Tote Price Guide

What Fits in Each Tote: Nesting Bags for Travel

Ah nesting. And by that we mean the exact opposite of staying home, lol. No PurseBop tote article is complete without a discussion of which bags comfortably nest within the tote. It’s a critical factor for seasoned travelers who pack a variety of handbags for the excursion or who hope to bring home new acquisitions (read: Important Tips for Traveling with Luxury Goods). 

LV Neverfull MM accommodates Hermès B30 ,B25s, K25’s and K28’s. However,  the narrower base of the Neverfull will not allow for a larger bag. Another great article that summarizes the LV Neverfull for travel is this: A Travel Tote for Every Handbag

Dior Small Book Tote  manages a Birkin 30 but it’s a very snug fit. See many photos here: Investigative Report and Reveal of the Smaller Dior Book Tote

Goyard Artois GM easily fits B25s, K25’s and K28’s even when zippered shut. The Birkin 30 and Kelly 32 go into the bag but the handles prevent closure. Otherwise it is a great option.

Neverfull MM: Nesting a B30 with a K28 inside it @el4bz. Click photo to read more.

Small Dior Book Tote nests a B30 (very snug fit). Click photo to read more.

Goyard Artois nests a B30 but with zipper open. Click photo to read more.

Three great options… proving that size isn’t the only thing that matters. These seemingly comparable bags are as different as they are the same.

So, which tote came out on top? Which factor is the most important to you when determining your ideal carry-all? Let us know in the comments below.

Published: July 26th, 2020
Updated: August 6th, 2020

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