What Are The Pros/Cons and Dimensions of the Different Chanel Classic Flap Bags?


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Dear PurseBop:

I have a vintage classic flap black caviar Chanel bag with the 24k plated hardware. What are the measurements of the small vs the medium bag?

Dear Curious About Chanel Classic Flap bags:

We have many articles, which are all linked below, comparing the different size Chanel classic flaps, the Reissue 2.55, and the mini flap bags. Our articles are packed with useful information and amazing eye candy.

Pros & Cons: Best Uses of Each Size

Remember, you should pick your bag size based on your own needs, style, and most importantly, desire! There are no set rules when it comes to sizes because what is popular or appropriate is always changing. Trends are cyclical – one day mini bags could be out and oversized bags will make a comeback, and vice versa. People may tell you that you have to pick a size that matches your body frame or that one size is a better investment than another. At the end of the day, your personal happiness with the bag will outweigh any other factor!

If you are looking for guidelines to help with your research, see our notes about each bag below:


  • Best suited for travel
  • Better seen as a “statement” bag because the extra large size can be a little cumbersome depending on your needs and preferences
  • You can (almost) throw everything inside
  • This bag can be a little heavy and bulky even without stuffing it due to the amount of leather


  • Best suited for travel
  • Makes a great errand bag
  • Can hold things like a wallet, a journal, a makeup bag, devices, keys and more
  • Can be worn crossbody
  • Great Work Bag, will fit a small laptop or ipad


  • Arguably the most versatile size
  • Great capacity without being too large or too small
  • Can hold things such as a wallet, small journal, toiletries, keys, a phone, and more
  • Considered by some to be the “classic” size


  • Perfect for everyday or formal occasions
  • An elegant size that is very versatile
  • Only a little less capacity than the medium size

Mini Rectangle

  • One of the most popular Chanel styles, especially since the rise of the mini craze
  • Great to buy in a pattern, pop of color, or exotic leather as the small surface will make designs pop
  • Can be worn crossbody on most body types
  • Can easily transition from a day bag to a night out bag

Mini Square

  • Square shape is unique and distinct compared to other Chanel bags
  • Can be worn crossbody
  • Has good capacity despite its petite size

Extra Mini

  • Best suited for formal occasions or as a statement bag depending on the material or color
  • The easiest style to wear crossbody across body types
  • Very little storage

The sizes of the different classic flaps are as follows:


Chanel Classic Flap Size Comparison on Curves

Chanel Classic Flap Size Comparison

Battle of the Chanel Mini Bags: 2.55 vs. Classic Flap Bags


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