What Do You Think About the New Constance 1-24 Re-Edition?


Dear PurseBop,

What are your thoughts on the Constance 24 re-edition? Do you think it is worth it?

Dear Constance 1-24 Re-edition:

We are loving the new Constance 1-24 and have a full review of this bag linked below.  It now has only one section inside instead of two so it holds a bit more than before. It is also not as wide as the original C-24 so sits closer to the body similar to the Constance 18. The re-edition comes with a nice mirror which is always useful.

We find the Constance 1-24 to be a nice alternative to the Constance 24. Both versions are available at the present time. A Constance is a classic Hermès bag loved by most Hermès enthusiasts. It also has now become a quota bag in some locations so be sure to check with your SA. 


Introducing the New Hermès Constance 1-24

The Hermès Constance Face Off: C 18 or C 24?

Rumor or Fact? Hermès Is Changing the Rules

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