Do I need appointments at Chanel and Hermes in Paris in September?


Question: I will be in Paris in September. Do I need to make appointments at Hermes and Chanel?

Dear Appointments at Hermès and Chanel:


At Hermes in Paris you only need an appointment if you desire to purchase a leather bag or quota bag. To purchase items in other departments of Hermes you do not need an appointment. Just find an available SA and ask for assistance. They can usually help you in almost every department of the store, sometimes even non-quota leather bags. All you have to do is ask. However, the shoe department is the busiest area and they do have one SA putting names on a waitlist. They will text you when a SA is available to assist you so you can browse the entire store while waiting. They will also be able to tell you how long the wait time is likely to be.

If you would like to purchase a leather bag or a quota bag, there is an online lottery system that you must apply on the day prior to the day you intend to shop. It is extremely difficult to get an appointment through the online system but you still must try. In addition, when you arrive at the Hermes store you can also ask if there have been any cancellations and request an appointment that way. It is possible at times to get an appointment this way but very difficult as well.

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With respect to Chanel you do not need an appointment. Sometimes there is a waiting list inside to wait for an available SA. If you know someone who has recently been to Paris and worked with an SA you could ask them for the SA’s contact information. Then you could contact that SA and schedule an appointment with that person. Or you could arrive at the Chanel boutique near the time it opens and there will likely not be any wait for an available SA. There are many Chanel boutiques in Paris so you could visit more than one.

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