This Uber Cute Accessory by Chanel, Dior and Bottega Ranks High on Versatility and Style

Chanel Pink Airpods

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Move over iPhone covers, designer airpod cases are the new rage among luxury aficionados. With over 60 million airpods sold since its launch in December 2016, designer brands recognize the sales potential. Be it Gucci or Prada, Dior or Bulgari, nearly all designer brands have launched cases for this hot selling device.


Chanel is the latest to come on board with airpod cases.  And boy are they cute. Two styles grace the Fall/Winter 2020 collection out this month. There’s a black leather and a hot pink tweed variant.

Chanel airpod case

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Pink Chanel Airpods

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The cases are inspired by Chanel’s signature double flap bag and feature the brand’s quilted leather design and signature CC logo on the clasp. Each airpod case is suspended on a leather and metal rope and also sports a clip, allowing you to attach it to your belt, handbag, or even wear on a chain. A surefire way to ensure you don’t keep hunting for them in your handbag or misplacing them any longer. Of course, they come with a hefty price tag many times more than the air pods themselves. The double link is $950 and the single $850.

Other airpod case cuties we’ve spotted are from Dior and Bottega Veneta.


Dior Airpod case

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Dior Black Airpod case

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Dior Oblique Airpod Cover

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Dior launched a calfskin airpod case in two colors (Black and Grey) back in July 2019. Made of smooth leather, the branding is visible on both the front and the back of the case. In Jan 2020, Dior also released a case made with the brand’s signature oblique jacquered canvas. These come in red or blue and with a strap and a customary clasp.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Airpod Cover

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A brand synonymous with understated luxury, Bottega’s airpod cases are no different. The signature woven leather style is a dominant feature in these cases. Each case comes with a long strap, allowing you to sling your airpod cross body and be on the move without worrying about misplacing them.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton airpod case

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An itsy-bitsy version of Louis Vuitton’s popular monogrammed trunk style bag for airpods is rumoured to be released very soon. While the brand already sells its own version of the airpods, this case is designed for the standard apple airpods that most of us already own. The buzz around this has been on for a while now, but no confirmed release date as yet.

A brand that is conspicuous in their absence in this product category is Hermès. We can already envision a tiny Birkin or Kelly style case for our airpods. Can you?

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Published: September 2nd, 2020
Updated: September 16th, 2020

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