Dior Price Increase in Europe 2023

Lady Dior Mini | Dior price increase 2023 europe

Dior micro saddle bag | Dior price increase 2023 europe

Dior wasted no time jumping in on the 2023 price hike bandwagon. Just days ago, some of our other favorite brands, like Hermès, Prada and Rolex, increased their prices. 

As is the case with Hermès, for the moment, Dior’s prices rose only in Europe. Bags affected include the beloved Lady Dior Bag and Dior Saddle Bag which became approximately 4-7% more expensive.

Unlike Hermès, however, consumers were not explicitly warned in advance. On the other hand, it’s probably no surprise that prices are rising, with inflation and other economic pressures.

Last summer’s shopping frenzy in Europe was fueled, in part, by Americans finding bargains abroad amid a very strong US dollar. It became evident that these items are, or should we say were, far less expensive in Europe than many other places. With higher euro prices will luxury shoppers be more likely to spend money in their home countries? Only time will tell, but it is interesting that prices are rising just as residents of China are returning to travel abroad. 

Regardless, as they say, two is a coincidence, three or more is a trend, so expect to see continued price increases in the luxury market. After all, Fendi – another brand under the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy umbrella – hiked prices this month. Dior’s latest move appears a continuation of the trend in the LVMH empire.

For now, let’s take a look at the Dior price changes thus far.


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Dior Bag Style2022 Price (Euros €)2023 Price (Euros €)% Difference
Lady Dior Micro Bag2,900€3,100€6.9%
Lady Dior Mini Bag4,300€4,600€7%
Lady Dior Small Bag4,500€4,800€6.6%
Lady Dior Medium Bag5,000€5,300€6%
Lady Dior Large Bag5,400€5,700€5.5%
Dior Leather Micro Saddle Bag2,100€2,200€4.8%
Dior Leather Mini Saddle Bag3,000€3,200€6.6%
Dior Leather Medium Saddle Bag3,400€3,600€5.9%
Dior Oblique Canvas Large Book Tote Bag2,800€2,800€n/a
Dior Paris | Dior Price Increase 2023

Dior in Paris (Image @dior)

The Lady Dior Mini Bag last priced at 4,300€ saw a 7% increase. It now retails for 4,700€.

The Leather Mini Saddle Bag just increased 6.6% to 3,200€. The Medium bag in the same category is also up 5.9%.

Lady Dior Bag | Dior price increase 2023

Image @trishtrinh

However, Dior Book Tote fans have nothing to fear as these prices remain the same today as in 2022. At least for now.

Dior Book Tote | Dior price increase 2023

Image @anna_magkawas

Given the confirmed and feared price increases, are you changing your 2023 handbag shopping plans? Perhaps accelerating the purchase in the United States, or putting on the brakes in Europe? Let us know.

Dior Price Increase 2023 Saddle Bag | Dior Pricing

Image @itscaroo

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Published: January 12th, 2023
Updated: January 12th, 2023

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