Guide to the Hottest Handbags from Netflix’s Bling Empire

If you haven’t already binged Season Two of Bling Empire, we’ve got you covered…on the handbags.

Bling Empire is the real life Crazy Rich Asians except with way better bags and jewels than the movie. (C’mon CRA, step your game in the wardrobe department!).

Image Credit: Netflix, @bryanboy

Dorothy Wang

Newcomer to Season Two, Dorothy Wang, has a MD in Hermès. After all, “a Birkin a day keeps the doctor away.” Star of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, this fashionista is ready to serve looks and keep it real. Here she is with a luscious ostrich Mini Kelly.

Image Credit: @dorothywang

Notable handbags from the show

  • S2E2: Bottega Veneta Croc Pouch Clutch with Hermes bracelet
  • S2E3: Head-to-toe Prada look
  • S2E6: Nata Birkin 25
  • S2E8: Chanel belt bag

Jamie Xie

The youngest of the bunch and clearly on another level of the fashion game is Jamie Xie. Her eclectic style combines edgy influencer looks with Hermès classics. A huge fan of mini bags, she tends to stuff them with tissue rather than use them for functionality. She’s seen below with an ostrich Mini Kelly.

Image Credit: @jaimexie

Notable handbags from the show:

  • S2E2: Bottega Veneta Crocodile Pouch Clutch
  • S2E3: Purple Sequin Fendi Mini Bag Charm
  • S2E3: Full Prada crystal look
  • S2E6: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Mini Charm on chain
  • S2E8: Chanel green clutch

Christine Chiu

After taking a quick private jet, Christine Chiu is seen toting a black Birkin to place a winning bid for a car at $150,000. She says with a smile that her “purse costs more than this”. Whether she is fighting for the crown for Queen of High Jewelry of LA or jetting to Paris Fashion Week, Christine has a flair for fabulous. She’s pictured here in Valentino during Paris Fashion Week with Emily in Paris star, Ashley Park.

Image Credit: Chris Martin,

Image Credit: David Fisher, Shutterstock,

Notable handbags from the show:

  • S2E2: Not a handbag, but we spotted an Avalon pillow & blanket… we all know what that means (Read: Birkin Bait)
  • S2E5: Chanel belt bag
  • S2E5: Dior Ultramatte Saddle Bag
  • S2E7: Crocodile Birkin 30
  • S2E7: Kelly 32
  • S2E8: Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

Cherie Chan

Cherie Chan, super mama and entrepreneur is often seen adorned in Van Cleef & Arpels jewels. Her style is sweet and girly. Cherie’s Hermès collection includes many exotic pieces. For her Chinese New Year party, she gifted Hermès orange bags (instead of traditional mandarin oranges) which included a Kelly Twilly Charm and Hermès lipsticks.

Image Credit: @cherieofficial



Notable looks from the show:

  • S2E2: VCA Alhambra necklace
  • S2E3: Silver Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

Mimi Morris

Having a chrome silver, Swarovski crystal-encrusted toilet may be the biggest flex of all! Newcomer, Mimi Morris, brings the Hermès game to another level. She is seen at home using only Hermès tableware.Take a look at her insane closet full of special order bags and exotic Birkins.

Image Credit: @mimi_morris_

Notable handbags from the show:

  • S2E3: Special order yellow and pink crocodile Birkin

Anna Shay

Competing with Christine as the queen of high jewelry, Anna Shay has said it’s not her that picks the jewelry, the jewelry chooses her. In Season One, Paris jewelry house Boucheron shuts down the store just for her. Anna is known to be generous and throw lavish parties. Her previous party favors have included gifts from Rolex and Baccarat. Seen here, she’s dripping in her signature high jewelry look.

Image Credit: @annashay93

Image Credit: @annashay93

Notable handbags from the show:

  • S2E5: Alexander McQueen bag
  • S2E6: Gucci x Doraemon Backpack
  • S2E8: Chanel crossbody mini bag

Kim Lee

Kim Lee’s fashion is as daring as her cleavage. A model turned DJ, her style is flirty and fun.

Image Credit: @kimlee

Image Credit: Netflix

Notable handbags from the show:

  • S2E2: Black Crocodile Balenciaga Hourglass Bag
  • S2E3: Fendi Sheepskin Baguette
  • S2E4: Chanel Boy Bag
  • S2E6: Bogetta Venta Mini Jodie

Kelly Li

Kelly is newly single this season after a rollercoaster relationship from the previous season. With a vast handbag collection, her curation is practical and timeless. No wonder she ditched her boyfriend.

Image Credit: @kellymili

Image Credit: @kellymili

Notable handbags from the show:

  • S2S1: Prada Tote Bag
  • S2E3: Bogetta Veneta The Knot Clutch
  • S2E4: Chanel 19 Bag
  • S2E6: Fendi Peekaboo Bag

Leah Qin

Also new to Season Two is Leah Qin. She makes a brief appearance in this season, but shows us she has star quality handbags.

Image Credit: @itsleahqin

Image Credit: @itsleahqin

Notable handbags from the show:

  • S2E2: Pink Crocodile Birkin
  • S2E3: Lady Dior
Published: June 12th, 2022
Updated: June 12th, 2022

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