Here’s What We Know About January 2022 Chanel Price Increases So Far

Editor’s Update March 1st, 2022.
For the latest information on Chanel price increases please read: Expect Another Hike in Chanel Classic Prices

Editor’s Update: January 5th, 2022

We have just learned that the Chanel Coco Handle and Wallet on Chain (WOC) will also be taking an increase. The information is as follows:

Chanel Bag StylesCurrent Price (USD)Expected Price Jan 2022 (USD)
Mini Coco Handle$4,300$4,800
Small Coco Handle$4,600$5,100
Medium Coco Handle$5,000$5,500
Chanel Bag StylesCurrent Price (USD)Expected Price Jan 2022 (USD)
Mini Coco Handle$4,300$4,800
Small Coco Handle$4,600$5,100
Medium Coco Handle$5,000$5,500

For current pricing and a complete history of increase activity in 2021, read: Chanel Coco Handle Prices 2021

Anticipated date of Chanel increase is January 17th/18th when the 22P collections are launched.

Please check back here for updates as this information unfolds.

The rumor mill is churning with speculative and confusing news about upcoming Chanel price increases.

A little bit of back history here: As many of you recall, Chanel made headline news with its November 3, 2021 price hikes on the medium classic flap, among others. That November rise – of about $1000 – followed a July spike which itself topped off a January 2021 increase. In a nutshell, during calendar year 2021, the price of a Chanel medium flap went from $6500 (before January increase) to a whopping $8800!!! That’s $2300 or over 35% higher than this time last year.

PurseBop’s Chanel classic 2021 purchases. 21P medium Rose Lila and Neon Yellow were $6800 and the 21K Shimmering Silver at $7800.

While PurseBop and Chanel aficionados grasped this news immediately, larger media organizations took month or two to catch up and discuss. Maybe it didn’t seem initially important to them. But, as so often happens, the story takes on a life of its own. Belatedly some sources realize it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

We know our community and those that follow our news closely are able to decipher the timelines and the increases. But for those not privy to the regular updates, news headlines can be misleading. Or, at a minimum, out of context.

In recent weeks, from a couple of news stories circulating through social media emerged a rumor that Chanel classic flaps were facing another price increase. The first story is one that we reported about the lines outside Chanel Boutiques in South Korea. As we made abundantly clear in our article, the point was not to suggest another brewing price increase. Rather, we shared the impact of what was happening in other countries despite the spiking prices. Demand for these Chanel bags raged so high during the pandemic that some Chanel locales imposed a purchase limit. In South Korea that new quota system restricted customers to one classic item per year.

At that time and following our article, a number of other ‘influencer’ accounts began translating this story into misinformation. Whether accidental or intentional, suddenly our news of demand for Chanel bags became:  long queues = beating another price increase.

Then, another well-known influencer, @dietprada, put out an IG post with an illustration similar to the ones you have seen repeatedly here at PurseBop comparing the Birkin premium over a Chanel classic. The graphic shared incorrect prices for both handbags. Photo compares a Birkin 30 which is $10,900 versus a jumbo which is $9,500 yet the caption discusses a medium which is currently $8800.

Hundreds of our own loyal readers shared this post with us, asking for clarification and confirmation from us as trusted sources for this type of information. It was the peak of the holidays and as hard as we tried to ignore the misleading information, we ultimately did share a clarifying IG story to help appease our readers. We hope this article puts some of the confusion to rest.

Now let’s get to the question that you’re all asking… are Chanel prices going up in January?

The simple answer is yes but not classics. Initial intelligence from our sources indicates that Chanel prices might go up on the Classic mini (which was not hit by November hikes), the WOC, the Chanel 19 and the Boy bag, among some others. According to our source, classic flap prices will NOT increase this month. Prices are expected to increase with the launch of the Spring collection (22P) on January 18th.

This all seems fairly logical since over the last couple of years, Chanel implemented increases on its styles in waves. Of course, this makes it all the more difficult to predict. However, we do not anticipate the Chanel classic to increase three times during the year of 2022 as it did in 2021. It’s not to say that they won’t, but we expect more modest and less frequent price spikes.

Stay tuned as we continue to provide you with reliable information as it becomes available.

Love, PurseBop