New Chanel Coco Handle Prices 2021

Yes, the rumors are true. Actually, they’re no longer just rumors, but rather fact. Prior to the launch of Chanel’s 21K (Act II) collection earlier this September, the luxury community was abuzz with the question of whether the popular Coco Handle bag would be the target of another price increase. And, indeed it was.

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Launched in 2015, the Coco Handle initially faced skepticism – even distaste. Fashionistas just weren’t excited about yet another top-handle bag. Moreover, to others, the Coco Handle seemed to be a Hermès Kelly wanna-be.

Over the years, though, Chanel’s Coco Handle not only won over doubters, but developed its own new fan base. Today, it is one of Chanel’s most popular handbags. With each new season, the Coco Handle is revamped and reborn for old and new enthusiasts.
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However, perhaps due to its popularity, the Coco Handle repeatedly faces price increases. In fact, the latest increase this month was the second time this year alone that prices rose on variations of the Coco Handle bag. Earlier this month we also reported significant increases on the Vanity style bags (Read: BREAKING NEWS: Overnight Chanel Price Increase on Vanity Cases and Clutch on Chain).

Will it be the last for the year? We can’t say as it is rumored that there will be a second increase on classics in November.

Mini, small and medium Coco Handle- Image Credit: Spotted Fashion

Still less pricey than most classic flap models, the Coco Handle comes in a variety of sizes. While the small and medium sizes were steady favorites since the initial release, the mini and large (and now the extra mini) have gained traction as well.

Moreover, in its maturity and evolution, the Coco shifted from solely standard leather versions, to include more visually stunning finishes. The bag now comes in tweed, velvet, and exotics. At times, even the structured handle gets a makeover.

The latest models come in a gorgeous lilac purple as well as a rich in-between tone of brown and burnt orange. Both are truly eye-catching.

21k purple Coco Handle and other styles- Image Credit: @fashionfrenchfries

Image Credit: @bagsionista

Now, we know the all important question is – how much does it cost? No matter how much our heart sings when seeing this special little bag, Chanel’s steady price increases give even the most die-hard fans cause for pause.

The last time the price increased for Coco Handle styles was in January 2021 – nine months ago – with a hike of between $300 to $500 in the United States. With another increase now, Chanel sticks to a strategy of incremental increases throughout the year.

Earlier this month, the Coco Handle price rose yet again. Interestingly, this bag was spared when Chanel increased prices in the summer. Of course, it would be fascinating to learn why Chanel raises prices on some bags and not others, but the House of Coco keeps that under wraps. We assume supply and demand, at a minimum, is a factor.

21k iridescent pink mini Coco Handle- Image Credit: @fwdstyling

Let’s take a look at each model individually, shall we?

In January 2021, the mini Coco Handle was sitting pretty at approximately $4,200 USD. Now, as a result of the recent increase, this same model retails for $4,600 USD. That’s $400 more, or just under a 10% hike.

As we look to the small and medium styles, they were priced at $4,500 USD and $4,900 USD. After this increase, the price is now  $5,000 and $5,300 USD, respectively. For the small, it’s an increase of a little more than 10%, and less for the medium.

Even the extra mini Coco Handle (which, might we add, is oh-so-sweet) saw a jump in price, having hovered at the roughly $3,900 USD mark and now selling for $4,300 USD.

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Chanel Bag StylesJanuary ’21 Prices (USD)Latest Prices (USD)
Coco Handle Extra Mini$3,900$4,300
Coco Handle Mini$4,200$4,600
Coco Handle Small$4,500$5,000
Coco Handle Medium$4,900$5,300
Chanel Bag StylesJanuary ’21 Prices (USD)Latest Prices (USD)
Coco Handle Extra Mini$3,900$4,300
Coco Handle Mini$4,200$4,600
Coco Handle Small$4,500$5,000
Coco Handle Medium$4,900$5,300

Extra Mini Coco Handle- Image Credit: Chanel

Despite these increases, the Coco Handle remains priced significantly (or slightly, however you choose to look at it) lower than classic Chanel styles like the double flap, boy bag or Chanel 19. Although price increases seem the norm at Chanel, the Coco Handle is still attractive in terms of its cost per wear. Stylish, sophisticated and practical, it appeals to more than just the seasoned Chanel client and is one of the perfect starter bags the brand has to offer.

21k light blue Coco Handle- Image Credit: @luxurytheory_au

Stay tuned here as we continue to monitor Chanel pricing.

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Published: September 23rd, 2021
Updated: September 23rd, 2021

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