Hermès Beyond the B/K/C Trifecta

Mention Hermès, and the first thought is always Birkin and Kelly. To those further in the know, the trifecta is completed with the Constance. Dig deeper and the debate includes size and style variations (read 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Kelly, The Hermès Kelly Encyclopedia, The Hermès BIrkin Encyclopedia, Hermès 101: The Hermès Constance Bag)

Of course, those are the bags never available online and, for many, rarely within reach in store too. Hermès sales revenue depends heavily on its other bag selections too – Evelyne, Garden Party, Verrou, Octogone, Lindy, Cinhetic and more. Needless to say, we at PurseBop are pretty familiar with the spectrum of Hermès offerings. Therefore, it’s a bit surprising when we “discover” a bag on hermes.com. Recently, we found three.

Before you get excited, we must warn: these aren’t bargains. Though seemingly available online, and perhaps less than B/K/Cs, they are not inexpensive.

The Maxibox Cabas Bag

The Maxibox Cabas is essentially a rectangular-ish tote with a structured bottom and feet. The 36cm version is two-tone with evercolor and epsom leather. Measuring 14″long, 11″ high and 7″ deep, there are two interior pockets (one zippered, one not).  The price: $5450. A 30cm felt version with epsom base retails for $3325.

Hermès Maxibox Cabas 36 Bag
Photo courtesy: hermes.com

The Maxibox 29

Despite a similar name, the Maxibox is quite different from the cabas version above.  This bag is more like a single handled, zippered valise, with reinforced corners. We’ve seen it in what appeared to be suede; hermes.com now shows a version in evercolor calfskin. It’s 11.5″ long, 7″ high and 4.5″ deep. Buckle up though – it’s $9650.

Hermès Maxibox 29
Photo courtesy: hermes.com

Hermès Maxibox 37 Bag.
Photo courtesy: hermes.com

Necto 34

Here today, gone tomorrow should be the name of this bag – the Necto 34. It’s a shorter-strapped tote with patchwork-like leather.  From the name, it’s clearly 34cm but it disappeared before we could grab the full details. It is $5700 if and when you find it.

Hermès Necto 34 Bag
Photo courtesy: hermes.com

Are any of these under-the-radar bags on your screen? Or will you be sticking with the tried and true? Let us know.

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