Hermes 101: The Hermes Constance Bag

Ready for more Hermes education? In our last Hermes 101 class, we went through everything Birkin vs. Kelly. Now we’re going to talk about another one of Hermes’ most coveted bags: The Hermes Constance Bag.

What to Expect from this Reference Guide:

I. About the Hermes Constance
II. Sizes and Comparisons
III. Prices
IV. Best Uses
V. Celebrity Style
VI. Instagram Eye Candy

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The Hermes Constance was first created back in 1959, and was constructed by in-house designer Catherine Chaillet who named the bag after her daughter. Since then, the Constance has become one of Hermes’ most loved bags. It is a bag seen toted by many celebrities and was a personal favorite of Jackie O.

All About the Hermes Constance

The Constance is a simply, elegant shoulder bag with a long leather strap that can be doubled. The ‘H’ emblem in the middle is its most attractive feature, and comes in options such as gold hardware, silver hardware, palladium hardware, or enamel in bright colors. In 2010, the bag received a slight re-design and was offered in a longer, narrower design called the Elan. The Constance bag is a timeless silhouette and reflective of Hermes’ strive for impeccable craftsmanship.

 Fun Fact: Each Constance Bag is made by one artisan and takes 14 hours to create.


Hermes Constance Advertisement from 1974.



Inside look at a Hermes Constance being made at a Hermes Workshop. Photo Courtesy: DisneyRollerGirl.


Overall, the Constance is a smaller bag with its largest version being comparable to a standard shoulder bag. The Constance is available in 4 sizes: micro, mini, 24 CM, and Elan. The Elan is slightly longer and narrower, and less square compared to other 3 sizes. The Constance 23, 25, and 29 have been discontinued by Hermes.

Dimensions Smallest to Largest (L X H X W cm)

Constance SizeDimensions
Constance Micro14cm x 11cm x 3cm
Constance Mini18cm x 15cm x 4cm
Constance 2424cm x 15cm x 5 cm
Constance Elan25cm x 14cm x 8cm


The Hermes Constance will very in price depending on size and material. The prices below are an estimate for Epsom leather.

Constance SizePrice in USD
Constance Micro$4,000
Constance Mini$7,250
Constance 24$9,650
Constance Elan$8,677

Best Uses

Since the Hermes Constance is a simple, elegant shoulder bag it can be paired with a variety of looks. Certain colors or leathers may be suited for formal outfits and vice versa.

Best Uses

  • Darker Colors (Black, Blue, Purple) – Dressy or Special Occassion
  • Neutral (Browns, Tans) – Everyday Bag
  • Bright (Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green) – Statement Bag, Mix and Match

Celebrity Style

We see a lot of famous faces carrying the Hermes Constance because it is among one of the harder H bags to acquire. While it is still coveted, it has less media exposure and popularity compared to the Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag.

AngelinaSimmonsHermes Constance

Angela Simmons


Chiara Ferragni


Nicky Hilton


Diane Kruger

AshleyOlsen Hermes Constance

Ashley Olsen


Kristina Bazan

Instagram Eye Candy

There’s no shortage of people in our community who simple love the Hermes Constance. Check out their shots to get a better idea of how the Hermes Constance looks in real life!


Exotic Hermes Constance from BopTalk Celebrity StylishSheba

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FullSizeRender 43



Bleu Electrique Epsom Constance 18cm mini PHW from BopTalk Celebrity LeOrangeBliss

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We hope you’ve learned a little bit from our Hermes 101 class on the Constance Bag! Which guide do you want to see next?

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Published: May 21st, 2016
Updated: June 10th, 2017

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  • Hi there! Great post. I think you mean ¨CM¨ and not ¨MM¨ with reference to the 24 size. Thanks!

  • How hard was it to find the Constance in the stores? Did you find it in the US or Europe? May I ask how much you paid? I’m looking to buy one and going to Paris in April.

  • I think it’s as hard as getting a b or a k in my country. The price is very similar to a b or a k also. I hope u can get ur Constance in Paris!!

  • My SA told me the Constance will be discontinued…not sure if this is true as there have been items that were said to be discontinued but they are still around. Have anyone heard anything about this?

  • Can someone post a price comparison for the Euro? Hubby and I are planning a shopping trip to Europe for after the new year!

  • Didn’t know the story behind Constance, thank you for the lesson M ???? I love this bag, so classic and chic… but boy it’s expensive ????????!love it anyways though ????❤️????