Hermès’ New Subscription Service: The Hermès Tie Society

Tie enthusiasts and menswear accessory fanatics, it’s your lucky dayyou can now receive Hermès ties on-demand and at your doorstep with Hermès’ latest subscription service.

Just this month, and perfectly aligned with Father’s Day, Hermès launched “The Hermès Tie Society” a tailor-made subscription service unlike anything they have offered before. Once enrolled in the Hermès Tie Society, members will receive a new piece of neckwear on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis as they choose. Hermès describes the Tie Society as a “club for the sartorially savvy and subtly adventurous” and the perfect guide for those that have a “taste for discovery and pleasure.”

The Hermès Tie Society

Photo Courtesy: Hermès

Indeed, the Hermès Tie Society is a novel offering and exposes members to new patterns, textures, and hues that may suit their style. In order to sign up for the subscription, you have to go to your nearest Hermès boutique where you will take a “Personali-Tie” quiz about your preferences. The quiz is comprehensive, but supposed to be light-hearted and fun as well. Aside from basics like favorite color, pattern, and material, there are multiple choice questions such as “How do you like to spend your free time?” a) Jetsetting about; b) In quiet contemplation; c) On the playing field; d) What is free time?) You can even submit a short essay portion for added accuracy. After filling out the quiz, you simply wait for your first custom selection to arrive.

Although the subscription service is not currently available online, it is available at the following boutiques: Costa Mesa, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Washington D.C., Wall Street and Madison Men’s stores. Pricing wise, the month-by-month subscription starts at $180 plus tax. The subscription can be self-purchased or purchased as a gift.

You can look forward to more than just a new tie every once in a blue moon. The Hermès Tie Society comes with many exclusive benefits such as free delivery, expert laundering, tie reshaping and repairs. Furthermore, members will be invited to events throughout the year such as the Hermès Tie Collection premiers at the flagship store in NYC. It also sounds like members will enjoy many other surprises along the way, which is even more incentive to subscribe!


Photo Courtesy: Hermès

Especially as of late, Hermès has been offering their clients more opportunities to engage with and customize their accessories. PurseBop recently visited the Hermèsmatic store in New York where you can dip-dye your old scarves, and through a process of “color metamorphosis” , you leave with a new creation.

The Hermès Tie Society is a testament to Hermès’ mission to be innovative and create special, exclusive memories for their clientele. As described by the president and CEO of Hermès US, Robert Chavez in a Forbes article, the service is also about convenience as well:

“[The Tie Society] was born from the idea of service and convenience for today’s time-starved man. The service could be self-purchased or gifted.  They would not have to come to the store every month for a new tie, and we would select for them based on their preferences.  What we learned is that clients love the convenience and the personal touch and service.” 

Currently, silk represents about one quarter of Hermès’ menswear business, so this service is bound to be fairly popular due to both its practicality and novelty.

As we’ve covered in-depth, one of the most appealing parts of shopping at Hermès can be the anticipation of being offered something truly special. For example, entering the Hermès Horsehoe Club and being given the opportunity to create a Special Order bag (SO)  is considered one of the biggest honors for a bag aficionado since the SO can represent your distinct personality. In some ways, Hermès Tie Society members will have that same, little moment of joy every time a new box arrives at their doorstep.

Would you subscribe to the Hermès Tie Society or buy it for a menswear lover in your life? Let us know your thoughts in conversation on BopTalk.

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